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Exam Information and Timetables

You will find your personal exam timetable at StudentsOnline five weeks before the exam period starts.

Exam types for Teaching Period 2 have been streamlined and now include some on campus exams, which may be still online or paper based.

Please review the Learning Centre Exams page for the following assistance and information:

  • Exam Types - Teaching Period 2, July to December 2020
  • Prepare for Exams
  • Exam Question Types
  • Exam Day
  • After Exams
  • Taking online exams

Exam periods

There are official exam periods at the end of Study Periods 1 and 2. You can find exam period dates, in the Study Period calendars at Important Dates.

For other study periods, the exam periods are set by individual colleges.

Exam timetable

Exam timetables for the main study periods (1 and 2), are released and published in StudentsOnline four weeks before the exam period starts. This includes information about the exam mode you will be sitting.

For all exam types, the start times are scheduled at:

  • 8.15 am or 13.15 pm

The exception is for practical or oral exams where you will be provided with an individual start time.

Your timetable for Teaching Period 2 may also include online assignments under exam conditions which has been included in your timetable to prevent clashes and ensure that you have no more than two assessment events on any one day.

If you have an online exam the duration given will include your reading time, your subject coordinator will be in contact with you at least two weeks prior to your first exam.

If you have an on campus hard copy paper exam, your timetable may include reading time and writing time, or just writing time.

You can find your exam start time in your exam timetable in StudentsOnline.