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Exam timetables

You will find your personal exam timetable at StudentsOnline four weeks before the exam period starts.

To reduce the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on your academic results, a variety of changes have been introduced to the delivery of Exams in Study Period 1. For more information, please read the Academic Safety Net page, which is a part of JCU’s Student Success Support Package.

Exam periods and release dates

Exam periods

There are official exam periods at the end of Study Periods 1 and 2. You can find exam period dates, in the Study Period calendars at Important Dates.

For other study periods, the exam periods are set by individual colleges.

Exam timetable

Exam timetables for the main study periods (1 and 2), are released and published in StudentsOnline four weeks before the exam period starts. This includes information about the exam mode you will be sitting.

Exam start times and duration

Exam start times for all online exams are scheduled at:

  • 8.00 am
  • 8.15 am
  • 10.00 am
  • 13.15 pm
  • 14.00 pm
  • 15.00 pm
  • 17.00 pm
  • 18.00 pm

Your timetable may indicate that you have a time window in which to complete your exam, the time window may state:

  • You must be logged into your exam at the scheduled date and time shown on your timetable; or
  • You may be allowed from 2 hours up to 72 hours.  Please refer to your individual timetable for the specific time window allowed for each of your exam sittings.

Your timetable for Teaching Period 1 may also include online assignments due dates as a reminder for you and to prevent clashes and ensure that you have no more than two assessment events on any one day.

You can find your exam start time in your exam timetable in StudentsOnline.

Online Exam Types for 2020

With all exams now being scheduled online there are a number of types of online exams you may encounter

Please review the Learning Centre Exams page for the following assistance and information:

  • Online Exam Types 2020
  • Prepare for Exams
  • Exam Question Types
  • Exam Day
  • After Exams

Need help?

If you have any problems with timetables, please contact the Examinations Office at, or you can contact the Student Centre.

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