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Exam timetables

You’ll find your personal exam timetable at StudentsOnline five weeks before the exam period starts.

Exam periods and release dates

Exam periods

There are official exam periods at the end of Study Periods 1 and 2. You can find exam period dates, in the Study Period calendars at Important Dates.

For other study periods, the exam periods are set by individual colleges.

Exam timetable

Exam timetables for the main study periods (1 and 2), are released and published in StudentsOnline five weeks before the exam period starts. This includes information about exam rooms and authorised materials.

Exam start times

Exam start times for Townsville and Cairns campuses are scheduled at:

  • 8.15 am
  • 1.15 pm, or
  • 6.15 pm

You can find your exam start time in your exam timetable in StudentsOnline.

Exam centres for external JCU students

Your exam centre will be assigned to you based on your Semester Residential Address in eStudent – so it important that you keep this information up-to-date. You will be sent a notification outlining the details.

If you are an external JCU student living in Townsville or Cairns, your venue will be published in your exam timetable in StudentsOnline.

More information

Contact the Flexible Delivery Exams Officer on (07) 4781 6212 or email for more information, or if your address has changed.

Exam timetables for other institutions

If you are studying at another institution but sitting an exam at JCU’s Townsville or Cairns campus, the pages linked below include your exam timetable, links to campus maps and city maps to help you find us.

Townsville campus

Cairns campus

Need help?

If you have any problems with timetables, please contact the Examinations Office at, or you can contact the Student Centre.

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