Current Students Forms Request a seat on campus to undertake my formal exam(s)

Request a seat on campus to undertake my formal exam(s)

A seat on campus may be available for students who are unable to take an Online exam at home. There are limited spaces, therefore you must apply and receive pre-approval to sit your exam on-campus.

If one of the following is relevant to you and you cannot make alternative arrangements, you may apply to book a space on campus for your examination sitting(s):

  • Your home environment is not conducive to sitting a 2-3 hour exam
  • You do not have reliable access to the internet
  • You do not have a suitable computer or webcam.

To apply for an exams space on campus, there are two options available:

  1. Bring your own device (BYOD) seat which is located on campus in a quiet space with access to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. A computer lab in a nominated GATCF (General Area Teaching and Computer Facility) on-campus.

Available spaces are very limited on campus, and these are further reduced due to distancing requirements. The spaces are strictly ‘first in, first served’ opportunities and allocation will be completed on a first come basis.

The exam spaces on campus are just that, spaces for sitting exams. Staff will monitor access and ensure distancing protocols, but there will be no technical or academic support provided in these spaces. The staff member does have the right to ask you to leave the room where disruption to other students is observed.

Support will be identical to that available to students sitting exams online at home. We ask for your support in keeping on-campus spaces available for students in genuine need. If you are allocated an on-campus space we appreciate your cooperation around the need for respectful behaviour and adhering to hygiene protocols.

Please do not attend campus if you are unwell; you can apply for a deferred exam or special consideration if illness impacts your ability to sit your exams.

Please refer to Taking Online Exams for further support