Recipients of National Teaching Citations

Each year teaching excellence and outstanding contributions to student learning are recognised with the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) program. One of the award types include the Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. These are JCU's successful nominations.  

Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning successful nominations

Dr Kris McBain-Rigg
Public Health and Tropical Medicine

For demystifying multidisciplinary public health practice in rural, remote, and Indigenous Australian communities through intentional curriculum design.

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Dr Zafar Smith

For transforming medical student learning and transition to clinical years with an innovative curriculum, narrative learning tools and role-playing activities related to Emergency Medicine.

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Dr Claire Hansen
Arts, Society and Education

For a new approach to motivating English and Education students: Generating passion and utilising place-based learning to inspire engagement with Shakespeare

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Dr Dianna Hardy, Professor Trina Myers, Dr Jason Holdsworth and Mr Lindsay Ward
Science and Engineering

IT@JCU Design Thinking Team

For Retraining the brain:  Longitudinal learning and authentic assessment to develop a culture of design thinking, problem-solving and innovation in future ICT professionals.

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Dr Ann Carrington and Dr Felicity Croker
Arts, Society and Education and Medicine and Dentistry

For New Frontiers in Australian dentistry:  Dentistry collaborates with Social Work and Community to teach students to recognise, respond and refer in cases of domestic violence.

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Professor Kerrianne Watt
Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences

For Taking the "aaagggh!" out of research: Inspiring high quality research and improved clinical practice through accessible, authentic, supported learning.

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JCU Diploma of Higher Education - Kate Sheppard, Dr Rhian Morgan, Lisa Moody, Patrick Peacock, Dr Kristi Giselsson, Dr Carol Conway, Kimberley Anderson, Gabi Newman, Trina Jackson, Kerry Aitken
Learning Teaching and Student Engagement - Award for Programs that Enhance Learning For Pathways to Success in regional northern Queensland:  A "high expectation, high support" tertiary pathways approach that demonstrates successful transfer and attainment of bachelor degrees.

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Dr Kelsey Halbert and Dr Peta Salter
Arts, Society, and Education

For enabling teachers as change agents through service learning: Maximising professional capacities, community outcomes and local global citizenship.

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Dr Margaret Anne Carter
Arts, Society, and Education

For Connecting, Communicating, and Counselling wisely: Delivering a transformative and ethical community of inquiry approach in the Guidance and Counselling Program. View citation (PDF, 525 KB)

Ms Sandra Downing
Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences

For enhancing the postgraduate experience by engaging students in online learning and embedding employability through curriculum design, authentic assessment, and networking. View citation (PDF, 270 KB)

Dr Janice Lloyd
Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences

For ‘Less stress for pets at Vets’: Constructing an authentic learning environment that inspires future veterinarians to incorporate animal welfare into everyday practice. View citation (PDF, 241 KB)

Ms Jodie Maxfield
Business, Law, and Governance

For A brave new world in Accounting: Changing curriculum design to support learning outcomes and improve student retention in first year accounting. View citation (PDF, 380 KB)

Dr Constantin Constantinoiu
Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences

For Arming future veterinarians against an ever-adaptable foe: inspired parasitology curriculum and resources that capture the beauty (and terror) of parasites in the tropics. View citation (PDF, 371 KB)

Dr David Holmes
Science & Engineering

For Designing excellence: empowering mechanical engineers through an intentional industry-driven curriculum that assures professional readiness in highly employable graduates. View citation (PDF, 323 KB)

The Veterinary Sciences Early Career Teaching and Development Team
Dr Sandra De Cat, Assoc. Prof. John Cavalieri, Dr Elizabeth Parker, Assoc. Prof. Garry Hamlin, Ms Blaise Webster, Prof. Lee Fitzpatrick (retired), Dr Glen Walker
Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences

For Developing a sense of self and professional identity: successfully transitioning veterinary students through intentional curriculum design. View citation (PDF, 182 KB)

Dr Sue Devine
Public Health & Tropical Medicine

For championing public health and health promotion in the tropics through leadership that inspires multi-disciplinary health professionals. View citation (PDF, 164 KB)

Mr Peter Hartin
Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition

For bringing the outsiders in: inspiring multi-campus regional and remote students in the nursing capstone to learn, connect and succeed. View citation (PDF, 205 KB)

Dr Kate Hutson
Aquaculture & Fisheries

For bringing aquaculture to life through a networked, authentic and career-focused curriculum. View citation (PDF, 207 KB)

Associate Professor Wenxian Lin
Infrastructure & Design

For using problem centred learning pedagogy to achieve high level engagement, enthusiasm and exceptional learning outcomes for diverse students in mathematics based engineering subjects. View citation (PDF, 196 KB)

Dr Lisa Chilton, Dr Suzy Munns and Dr Donna Rudd
School of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences

For Demand evidence and think critically: building research excellence in tomorrow's scientists. View citation (PDF, 228 KB)

Dr Louisa Tomas Engel
School of Education

For enabling diverse teacher education cohorts to experience profound engagement in science and sustainability through a blended learning approach. View citation (PDF, 136 KB)

Dr Katja Fleischmann
School of Creative Arts

For one amongst many: Employing peer learning and teaching to successfully support first year creative arts students’ individual creative development in large class environments. View citation (PDF, 168 KB)

Dr Amy Forbes
School of Arts & Social Sciences

For wired for employment: For leadership and excellence in developing and delivering a pioneering WIL-based curriculum in Multimedia Journalism resulting in highly employable graduates. View citation (PDF, 1597 KB)

Maths in Science Teaching, Research and Development Team
Dr Yvette Everingham, with Prof. Sean Connolly, A/Prof. Emma Gyuris, Emeritus Prof. Rhondda Jones, Prof. Peter Ridd, Mr Justin Sexton, Ms Tanya Doyle, Mr Shane Blowes, Mr Patrick Peacock, Ms Jennifer Hodge, Ms Clair Stark and Mr Robin Gilliver (an interdisciplinary team)

For innovative team-based approaches to enhancing first year students’ engagement, confidence and learning achievement in the use of mathematics – the common language for the natural sciences. View citation (PDF, 3300 KB)

The Intimate Teaching Team
Dr Paula Heggarty, Ms Poornima Roche, Mr Don Gamage, Mrs Kathy Pratt, Dr Aileen Traves, Dr Roy Rasalam, Mr Torres Woolley, Mr Al Forde, Mr Mangalasiri Parana Hewage, Dr Deirdre Tweedie, Dr Maria Bellei, Dr Bridget Hartslief and Dr Max Stewart (School of Medicine & Dentistry)

For Intimate Examinations: Facilitating a respectful and authentic approach to learning that creates confidence and competence amongst diverse medical students. View citation (PDF, 130 KB)

Dr Trina Myers
School of Business

For developing a framework to achieve student interaction and a strong student community that lays a foundation for ‘soft skills’ and motivates students to learn. View citation (PDF, 240 KB)

Dr Michelle Lasen (Teaching and Learning Development) and Dr Jo Balatti (School of Education)

For connecting theory to practice: enhancing professional learning, engagement and identity in student teachers. View citation (PDF, 162 KB)

Dr Madoc Sheehan
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

For demonstrating leadership and expertise in the development of design tools and curricula that facilitate the successful embedding of sustainability into undergraduate engineering programs. View citation (PDF, 157 KB)

Student Mentor Program
Peter Hanley, Alan Calder, Lyn Rooke, Josie King, Melissa Mallie and the Student Mentor team (Teaching and Learning Development)

For 21 years of an institution-wide program of student peer support that has adapted to the challenges of, and engagement with, increasingly diverse learners. View citation (PDF, 190 KB)

Mr Alan Calder
Teaching and Learning Development

For over 14 years of developing student-centred and evidence-based academic language and learning support initiatives that empower students to succeed in their own learning journeys. View citation (PDF 60 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.8MB)

Associate Professor Jane Mills
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition

For inspiring student nurses and midwives to understand and use research findings, developing confident clinicians who integrate evidence into their everyday practice. View citation (PDF 80 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 260KB)

Ms Sharon Moore and Ms Lyn Mackay
School of Indigenous Australian Studies

For the development of transformative pedagogies through ‘courageous conversations’ within the cultural interface to motivate student engagement and promote reconciliation. View citation (PDF 80 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 341KB)

Dr Paul Nelson
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

For enthusing students about soil science through a focus on discovery, critical environmental issues and the application of contemporary teaching and learning principles. View citation (PDF 94 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 100KB)

Ms Lynne Zeldenryk
School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine & Rehabilitation Sciences

For ensuring flexible student trajectories through the development of an innovative program that supports and sustains student access to occupational therapy education in North Queensland. View citation (PDF 60 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 258KB).

Associate Professor Claudia Diaz
School of Medicine and Dentistry

For stimulating multidisciplinary first year students to learn Anatomy for life via innovative, pro-active approaches to improve engagement and learning outcomes. View citation (PDF 92 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.7MB).

Dr Rebecca Sealey
School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences

For implementing real-life practice to enhance workforce readiness of Sport and Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology (Clinical) students. View citation (PDF 62 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.6MB)

Mr John Smithson
School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences

For the right prescription – blending high fidelity simulation into a curriculum for counter prescribing and communication to improve the industry readiness of pharmacy graduates. View citation (PDF 201 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.8MB)

Ms Beth Tinning
School of Arts and Social Sciences

For making it meaningful: participatory practices in social work education. View citation (PDF 40 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.7MB).

Dr Rabin Tuladhar
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

For engaging and motivating Engineering students to induce deep learning and understanding through contextual and multisensory teaching and learning approaches. View citation (PDF 45 KB), Q&A poster (1.8MB).

Associate Professor Shashidhar Ventkatesh Murthy
School of Medicine and Dentistry

For Technology Enhanced Cognitive Scaffolding: An innovative method for effective teaching of Pathology in a rural medical school. View citation (PDF 36 KB), Q&A poster (PDF 1.8MB).

Dr Raoul Adam
School of Education

For the effective design and implementation of pedagogies that foster learner ‘connectedness’ in a pre-service teacher education course. View citation (PDF 60 KB).

Dr Marie Caltabiano
School of Arts and Social Sciences

For integrating 'Best Practice' work models with pedagogy and scholarship to foster desired attributes in Psychology graduates. View citation (PDF 53 KB).

Associate Professor Susan Gordon, Ms Anne Jones, Ms Marianne Bonassi and Associate Professor Marion Gray
School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences

For the development, implementation and review of Individual Learning Plans in Allied Health which successfully respect and support first year students as individuals. View citation (PDF 50 KB).

Dr Lindsay Harrington
School of Marine and Tropical Biology

For sustained commitment and enthusiasm to improving student engagement and achievement in marine biology through multi-dimensional teaching and response to feedback. View citation (PDF 39 KB).

Dr Josephine Pryce
School of Business

For sustained and enthusiastic teaching that creates a positive learning environment and involves, empowers and transforms students through their learning of management theories and practice. View citation (PDF 50 KB).

Dr Shaun Belward, Dr Ron White, Patrick Higgins and Dr D’Arcy Mullamphy
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

For sustained commitment to engaging first year mathematics students through a supportive learning environment, the use of new technologies and community consultation. View citation (PDF 41 KB)

Ms Katja Fleischmann
School of Creative Arts

For the implementation of a new learning and teaching model for digital media design students in order to enhance real-world learning and graduate employability. View citation (PDF 42 KB).

Ms Kate Galloway
School of Law

For outstanding leadership in developing a flexible learning environment in teaching Law, based on critical reflection and in response to evidence of student needs. View citation (PDF 40 KB).

Dr Marion Gray, Associate Professor Jacinta Elston, Mrs Marianne Bonassi and Ms Yvonne Thomas
School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences

For enhancing the delivery of culturally competent occupational therapy practice with Indigenous clients through the implementation of comprehensive, innovative and dynamic curriculum. View citation (PDF 43 KB).

Ms Robyn Lynn and Mr Peter Jones
School of Arts and Social Sciences

For sustained and innovative effort in engaging and motivating social welfare students to integrate concepts of environmental sustainability and ecological justice into their professional practice. View citation (PDF 38 KB).

Ms Helen McDonald
School of Education

For sustained research informed and imaginative curricula design, assessment and teaching resources that are effective with diverse learners in teacher education programs. View citation (PDF 40 KB).

Dr Suzy Munns
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

For developing effective curricula which motivate student performance and improve student satisfaction and retention in large, diverse foundation Anatomy and Physiology classes. View citation (PDF  40 KB).

Dr Janelle Rose
School of Business

For engaging, motivating and stimulating deep learning through innovative authentic tasks, creating learner-centred environments and collaborative learning opportunities in marketing. View citation (PDF KB).

Mr Clive Hutchison
School of Creative Arts

For engaging and motivating tertiary creative arts students through sustained development of innovative, industry relevant, flexible subjects and resources that stimulate deep and collaborative learning. View citation (PDF KB).

Dr Angela Hill
School of Education

For redesign of curriculum to incorporate work-integrated learning and authentic assessment, reflecting a command of the field of teacher education, and inspiring students' learning. View citation (PDF KB).

Dr D’Arcy Mullamphy
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

For dispelling the fear of mathematics through respect for the learning of individuals. View citation (PDF KB).

Dr Pauline Taylor
School of Education

For integrating extensive professional knowledge and experience into quality teaching that supports, motivates and inspires first year education students' learning. View citation (PDF KB).

Dr Stephen Torre
School of Arts and Social Sciences

For enhancing positive student engagement in university literacy studies through student-centred learning curricula incorporating advanced methodologies in humanities and authentic assessment. View citation (PDF KB).

Professor Kim Usher, Ms Joanne Tollefson, Dr Kim Foster and Dr Lee Stewart
School of Nursing

For the sustained development and implementation of effective curricula which promotes student learning in nursing education in regional, remote and Pacific locations. View citation (PDF KB).

Professor Philip Pearce
School of Business

For advancing tourism education and the learning experiences of tourism students through world class research, scholarship and service. View citation (PDF KB).

Dr Linda Ashton (School of Education)

Dr Pierre Benckendorff (School of Business)

Dr Kirsten Heimann (School of Marine and Tropical Biology)

Mr Peter Jones (School of Arts & Social Sciences)

Dr Stephen Naylor (School of Creative Arts)

Dr Ulla Secher (School of Law)

Dr Madoc Sheehan (School of Engineering and Physical Sciences)

Mrs Joanne Tollefson (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition)

Mrs Kristin Wicking (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition)