Eduroam is a world wide education roaming service that exists between participating institutions to allow sharing of wireless access enabling inter-institutional roaming.

Eduroam provides a secure wireless connection for staff, students and visitors. Being part of eduroam allows you to visit a participating institution and connect to the internet the same way you do on campus without having to request a guest account.

Access to eduroam is free. There are no account fees, no connection fees and no access fees.

This page provides information about getting access to eduroam at JCU.

Where can I use Eduroam?

You can use eduroam at over 500 sites worldwide throughout 59 countries and territories.

This list of participating institutions will give you an indication of which Australian Institutions provide support for eduroam along with links to their local support pages.

Who can use Eduroam?

For travelling JCU staff and students

All JCU accounts are eduroam enabled. When visiting other eduroam participating institutions JCU staff and students should use their current eduroam login credentials:

Staff eg and current account password
Student eg and current account password

There is no need to use a VPN connection unless you need access to a specific service at JCU.

For information on how to connect your device while

For visitors to JCU

Visitors to JCU from other participating eduroam institutions should use the login settings and credentials provided by their home institutions. We suggest that users configure and test their devices on their home institutions eduroam network prior to visiting JCU.

There is no need to use a VPN connection unless you need access to a specific service at your home site.

Get Help

You can find a variety of guides with information on connecting to wireless on the JCU Wireless website. If you still require assistance with connecting to wireless on campus after following the setup guides then contact the IT Help Desk who will be able to provide you with further support.

If you are visiting JCU from a participating eduroam institution, please contact IT support at your home institution for additional assistance.

Conditions of Use

The use of eduroam is governed by the Australian Eduroam Policy and the James Cook University Conditions for Use of University Computing and Communication Facilities Policy.

For visitors to JCU the Acceptable Use Policy of your home institution applies.

Authentication information is recorded by JCU and your home organisation in case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.