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First Year Experience Project Reports

The project sought to canvass all aspects of the institution to gain a comprehensive understanding of transition issues at JCU. Focusing on a university-wide, coordinated approach to first year transition, opportunities to transform the JCU First Year Experience were identified as a report. The report identifies a number of areas for action. These action areas are representative of common concerns raised by academics, administrators, student service staff and students.

Each of the action areas recommended by the First Year Experience Project can be directly linked to the four common elements of successful transition identified in current research. Priority targets have also been identified for the project.

All undergraduate programs are responsible for establishing a co-ordinated response to the First Year Experience to assist commencing students in their transition to University, as part of the broader University-wide response.

First Year Experience Co-ordinators have been appointed to lead and co-ordinate the academic orientation and strategies supporting the successful transition of commencing students. First Year Experience Co-ordinators also take a leadership role in curriculum development.