Numeracy (maths) is an essential skill in everyday life which appears in a lot of subjects when you may not expect it. Students should ensure they are prepared with the mathematical skills relevant to their area of study. The application of these skills to calculate solutions to problems is referred to as numeracy. To be considered numerate, students need to recognise situations that require maths skills and be able to confidently apply their knowledge.

The video below describes what numeracy is and gives examples of where it might appear in everyday life.

What is numeracy?

Everyone can improve their mathematical ability with practice, even if maths wasn’t your favourite subject at school. Engaging with the resources below will develop your mathematical skills required for many of the numeracy requirements of your degree.

If you need some more help, The Learning Centre has maths and numeracy specific learning advisors that can help you with your study.

Maths refresher workbooks
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