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Completing your Application Requirements

Completing your Application Requirements

Understanding the Application Requirements
Mandatory Requirement
Supporting Documentation
Upload supporting Documentation
Cancel/Withdraw Application

Understanding the Application Requirements

Application requirements are additional questions the university requires you to answer in order for your application to be assessed. Depending on your circumstances this may be supporting documentation (e.g. For your existing qualification or visa information) or specific questions that require answers (e.g. Questions about English language proficiency or the applicants Major choice)

Mandatory Requirements

If the application requirement is mandatory it will have an asterisk alongside of the requirement or the application requirement will indicate that “at least one document must be provided”

Mandatory requirements must be completed before the applicant is able to “Save and Continue” with the application.

 Screenshot showing a mandatory requirement

 Screenshot showing mandatory requirements


Single response

Some application requirements only require a single response which can be selected from a drop down box.

 Screenshot showing single response selection option

Multiple responses

Some application requirements may require the applicant to respond more than once to an applicant requirement according to their answer to the first question.

EXAMPLE: Requirements: Incomplete Research Degree

If the answer to is “YES” then further questions are asked.

 Screenshot showing requirement for responding to more than one requirement.

When a response is entered the requirement will momentarily disappear. Further responses cannot be entered until the requirement reappears showing the response. The curser will indicate the progress.

 Screenshot showing requirement momentarily disappearing

 Screenshot showing requirement displaying correctly.

Each further requirement is to be entered in the same manner making sure that the response is shown before moving to the next question.

 Screenshot showing some of the further requirement fields

Amending a response

To change your response click on the drop down box and make a new selection. A warning message will appear asking if you want to save or cancel the new selection. Click the “Save” Button to confirm your answer.

Responses cannot be amended once the application has been confirmed.

 Requirement 17 screenshot

Screenshot of warning for incomplete information

Supporting Documentation

For some Application Requirements you will be asked to provide supporting documentation.

There are two variations as detailed below:

Upload allowed but a hard copy document is also required.

You can upload documents that will assist in the assessment of your application; however you are still required to submit a hard copy. This is often needed prior to any offer being made, thus you should lodge this hard copy document as soon possible. Don’t forget to print a Cover Sheet to lodge with any hard copy documents.

Screenshot showing what you will see if you are required to submit a hardcopy of documentation.

Upload allowed and hard copy not required

You can upload your documents and are not required to provide a hard copy unless requested by JCU. Alternatively you can send hard copies of your documents if this suits your needs. Don’t forget to print a Cover Sheet to lodge with any hard copy documents.

Screenshot showing what you will see if you want to select yes to submit  a hardcopy of documentation.

Upload supporting Documentation

You can upload more than one document for any application requirement.

  • Click on the Upload a new file

Screenshot showing where to go to upload new file.

  • Use the Browse button to locate your document. Depending on your internet browser, you may need to select Choose File instead.

Depending on your internet browser, you may need to select Choose File instead.  Screenshot showing different option.

  • Once you have located the document ensure you select Upload File(s). You will note that you cannot load any files in subsequent requirements until you have finished loading the file you are working on.

Screenshot showing once you have located the document ensure you select Upload File(s).

  • If you have multiple documents for the same requirement, click the “Add Another” button. Once all files have been entered click the upload button.

 Screenshot showing requirement 4 - additional supporting documents information

Cancel/Withdraw Application before submitting application

An application can be cancelled or withdraw by the applicant from the application requirements page.

Click on the cancel button and confirming the cancellation button when warning message appears.

 Screenshot showing Cancel button

 Screenshot showing confirmation cancellation warning message and button

If you have Entered a response or have clicked on the Save button, the withdraw button will be available. Click the withdraw button and then the “confirm withdraw” button when the warning message appears.  Screenshot showing withdraw button

  Screenshot showing confirm withdrawal warning message and button


When you finalise the application requirements ensure you select the Save button prior to selecting Save & Continue.

Once the Save & continue button is clicked the applicant should be taken to the Confirmation page. If you are not progressed to the next page check the Information at the top of the page as there may still be some outstanding requirements.

For more help:

Student Centre - Cairns or Townsville
JCU Singapore
AskUs - 24/7 online enquiry system