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Intensive mode subjects

Enrolling in an intensive mode subject offers flexibility and can help you fast-track your studies by cutting down on time.

An intensive mode subject is equivalent to subjects offered over the 13 week period, except they are delivered over a shorter time period. Usually intensive mode subjects are taught in the semester break over a two week period with classes scheduled five to six days each week from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Choosing intensive mode subjects

Many degrees have subjects available in intensive mode. To find intensive mode subjects in your degree:

Step 1: Go eStudent and check your optional subjects on your Study Plan (e.g. electives)

Step 2: Go to Subject Search and select Intensive in the Attendance Mode field and your home campus in the Campus field

Step 3: This will list all the subjects available on your campus. You then need to choose one that fits the requirements in your Study Plan.

Preparing for intensive mode subjects

Some tips to help you prepare:

  • You should read at least half of the prescribed text before the first day of class

  • Be very familiar with the learning objectives for each day

  • Note assignment deadlines, some assessment may be due on the first day

More questions?

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