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Withdrawing from subjects (components)

A situation may arise where you wish to change the subjects you have already enrolled in. Withdrawing from subjects can generally be done in eStudent, however this process should be done carefully to ensure that the census date for that study period and subject has not passed. A small number of students will not be able to withdraw from subjects online.


To avoid a FINANCIAL penalty you must withdraw before the census date of the study period.

To avoid an ACADEMIC penalty you must withdraw from the subject before the last date for withdrawal without academic penalty for that study period.

Changes to enrolment may affect Centrelink Student Payments for Australian domestic students.

If you hold an International Student Visa, you must be enrolled full time.

To withdraw:

  • Select Subject Withdrawal from the side menu (under My Study Plans)

Screenshot showing Subject Withdrawal link.

  • Select the checkbox for the subject you want to withdraw from and click the Withdraw from Selected Subject/s button

  • Screenshot showing Withdraw checkbox and Withdraw from Selected Subject/s button.

NOTE: If you are a Commonwealth Supported student and you withdraw after the census date, you will still incur a debt.

  • Screenshot showing confirmation that you are about to withdraw from the selected subject message and Confirm Withdrawal from Above Subject/s and Select Different Subject/s for Withdrawal buttons.

    A green message will display confirming that the subject withdrawal/s has been successful. We recommend students confirm subject withdrawal/s by selecting the View List of Subjects I am Currently Enrolled In button.Screenshot showing The following subject(s) have been successfully withdrawn. We recommend you print and keep this page for your records...message and the View List of Subjects I am Currently Enrolled In and Select Different Subject/s for Withdrawal buttons.