Academic standards

To maintain satisfactory academic progress in your course, you are required to attain the following minimum academic standards:

  1. Pass more than 50% of enrolled credit points, and
  2. Pass all enrolled core subjects, and
  3. Pass all enrolled Schedule A subjects, and
  4. Maintain sufficient progress so as to enable you to complete all award requirements within the published Maximum Time to Complete
  5. Achieve all progression requirements for your course as stipulated in the University Handbook Award Rules

Changes to your academic status

If you do not meet the minimum academic standards in a teaching period, your academic status will change and the University will send you an email.

What do I do if I’m notified?

Receiving an email about your academic status can be worrying, but JCU wants you to succeed and has plenty of resources available to help you improve. See: Need help with academic performance?

Watch the video below to understand more about academic standards.

The different types of academic status are:

Good Standing

All students commence with an academic status of good standing. As long as your results are maintained at or above the minimum requirements, your status won’t change.

At Risk

If your status changes to ‘at risk’, this is usually due to you failing one core subject, and failing it for the first time, or failing 50% or more of your enrolled credit points in the teaching period. If your results for the next teaching period is at or above the minimum standards, your status will return to good standing.

However, if your academic status is at risk and you fail    to maintain satisfactory academic progress in future trimesters or teaching periods, you could have conditions placed on your enrolment or be required to submit a Statement of Reasons explaining why you should be permitted to continue your enrolment in that course.


This means there are certain conditions or restrictions attached to your enrolment. If you do not meet these conditions, and/or you don’t maintain satisfactory academic progress in the next teaching period, there may be further restrictions or penalties applied.

Statement Required

Statement Required is a temporary Academic Status assigned to students who meet the criteria for Academic Suspension or Academic Exclusion.

You will receive an email notifying you that you are required to submit a Statement of Reasons. It is important to submit your statement by the specified due date, otherwise you could be suspended or excluded from your course.

Academic Suspension

If your academic status is Academic Suspension, it means that you are not permitted to re-enrol in your course until the suspension period ends, which will be for no more than 18 months.

Failure to submit a required Statement of Reasons by the due date can also lead to academic suspension for a period of 18 months.

Academic Exclusion

If your academic status is Academic Exclusion, it means that you will not be able to continue in your course. 

Failure to submit a required Statement of Reasons by the due date will also lead to academic exclusion.

Students studying in Australia on a Student Visa

If you receive notification that your academic status has changed, you must contact the International Student Centre in JCU Townsville or Cairns to discuss immediately.

The University has strategies to assist you to manage your studies successfully, see Intervention strategy for international students.

Maximum time to complete your course

The maximum time for completion of your course is set out in your course’s award requirements. Changes to your academic status can have an impact on the maximum completion time for your course, and you might not be permitted to re-enrol or complete your course. Contact your Divisional Enrolment Team if you have questions about completion times.

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