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Student Services and Amenities Fee - HDR Students

How is the fee calculated for HDR candidates?

The SSA Fee is calculated on the basis of EFTSL consumed. In 2020 this will be charged at the rate of $184.80 for each 0.5 EFTSL consumed, to a maximum of $308 for the year.

The SSA Fee is charged twice a year, based on the two study periods for HDR candidates (study period 1 is from 1 January to 30 June, study period 2 is from 1 July to 31 December).


A HDR candidate enrolled full-time in their degree will consume 1 EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Student Load) per year.

A HDR candidate enrolled full-time for the full year in 2020 will accumulate an SSA Fee of $184.80 in study period 1 (0.5 EFTSL consumed), and $123.20 in study period 2. This brings it to the maximum of $308 for the 2020 year.


A part-time candidate consumes 0.5 EFTSL per year. The cost for a HDR candidate enrolled part-time (50% full time study load) in 2020 will be $92.40 in study period 1, and $92.40 in study period 2.

If you withdraw from your candidature, take a leave of absence or submit your thesis for examination, the SSA Fee for that study period will be recalculated based on the date the change became effective. Therefore, if you are not enrolled for the full study period, your fee will be recalculated.

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