Blended Learning Guiding Documents

To meet the challenge of transforming our curriculum for contemporary delivery modes and environments JCU has developed important policy and guiding documents. These foundation documents help build a shared understanding of strategic intent in the blended learning space and prepare educators for an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning.

JCU's Blended Learning Policy sets out a common definition and guiding principles for blended learning implementation.

Blended learning is defined as ‘learning design that strategically, systematically and effectively integrates a range of face-to-face, online, mobile, distance, open, social and other technology enhanced learning across physical and virtual environments, as informed and driven by student needs and support for desired learning activities and learning outcomes’ (JCU Policy, p.1).

JCU Blended Learning Policy

The JCU Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design were developed to guide subject design. They set a Threshold level at which all students are provided with a purposefully designed curriculum, opportunities for interaction with peers and staff, and appropriate and explicit support. A Glossary is provided to clarify terms. Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design apply regardless of mode of delivery.

JCU Standards for Blended Learning and Online Subject Design