CEE Learning Design JCU Curriculum Framework

JCU Curriculum Framework

The JCU Curriculum Framework contextualises the work of curriculum design, enhancement and innovation within the current higher education legislative and JCU strategic and policy contexts. With students located at the centre, the Framework comprises successive components:

  1. Graduate Outcomes: The outcomes that all students are required to demonstrate by legislation irrespective of discipline and award type or level.
  2. The JCU Model: The attributes of a JCU curriculum intended to shape our graduates’ distinctiveness. Also see: JCU Model Showcase videos.
  3. Curriculum Enhancement Priorities: The curriculum priorities that are recognised at JCU and across the higher education sector.
  4. Curriculum Design Process: The whole of course curriculum design process.

Students in Partnership and at the Heart

Students are at the heart of our University. Core Principal 1 of the JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy states:

"We are committed to student engagement and success by responding to the student voice, and to working in partnership with our students."

In the JCU Curriculum Framework, the JCU student or employable graduate is our point of focus.

For examples please visit: JCU Good Practice Resources