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JCU Model Showcase

The distinctive graduate attributes underpin JCU's learning and teaching, research and engagement framework. The following videos provide a showcase of how JCU educators are embedding the JCU Model within curriculum.

JCU Model 2016 - Law

JCU Conflict Management and Resolution

JCU Model 2016 - Dentistry

JCU Model 2016 - Biomedicine

JCU Teaching-Research Nexus - Dr Ellen Ariel

Dr Ellen Ariel
College of Public Health, Medical and Vet Science

JCU Teaching-Research Nexus - Dr Amy Diedrich

Dr Amy Diedrich
College of Marine and Environmental Sciences

JCU Teaching-Research Nexus - Associate Professor Deb Miles

Associate Professor Deb Miles
College of Arts, Society and Education

JCU Teaching-Research Nexus - Dr Wendy Li

Dr Wendy Li
College of Healthcare Sciences

JCU Teaching-Research Nexus - Dr Abraham Francis

Dr Abraham Francis
College of Arts, Society and Education