LTSE Teaching Online

Teaching Online

Tools within the online learning environment are there to support learning and teaching in a multitude of ways.

A number of these digital tools have been singled out for their capabilities, and are centrally supported by the team in Learning Environments & Digital Transformation.

Information provided includes technical guides, along with tips and strategies for integrating educational technologies into teaching.

All strategies should align with the JCU Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design.

Content and learning resources

When preparing subject structure, it is important to consider the ways learners will engage with course content. Consistency, accessibility and usability are critical elements.

The integration of video and external resources should be purposeful and work within the context of pedagogical designs.

Communication and group work

Learning technologies can enable opportunities for staff and student interaction.

Developing online teacher presence, promoting active learning and connecting students with professional networks are all valuable outcomes for blended and fully online subjects.

Assessment and feedback

The use of online assessment can streamline submission, marking and feedback workflows as well as provide valuable data for student retention and success.

Using activity data to inform teaching

Learning Analytics can be used to review and improve the use of content and learning activities. It can be used proactively to identify students in need of support to enable resources to be provided as appropriate.

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