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Support requests

I would like to merge subject sites

Two or more subjects can be merged into a single site to make it more efficient to manage subject materials and communications. Subject site mergers clear all content, therefore, sites should be merged before any content is created.

→ Request a subject merge via StaffOnline

I would like to copy content from a previous subject offering

All transfers of subject content are now performed by a copying process by the subject coordinator or lecturer. Please note there are some content items that are unavailable in the selective copy and an entire subject copy might be necessary to bring those items across.

→ Copy selected content between subjects (recommended)
→ Copy a full subject
→ Copying content walkthrough (video 2.14 mins)

I would like to create an organisation site

Staff can request an organisation site (formerly known as community site) for an online environment to share resources and collaborate with peers in a specific area of interest.

→ Request a new organisation site via StaffOnline

I would like help with setting up or enhancing my subject

Need help with learning design, assessment design and subject development? We have educational designers that can assist.

→ Requesting learning design support

→ Setting up your subject site in 10 easy steps
→ Aligning your content with the JCU Subject Template

I would like help in using LearnJCU

Check guides or attend online office hours to have questions answered in real-time by technicians and support assistants.

→ Online office hours

→ LearnJCU guides - getting started
→ Knowledge base articles
→ Ultra Essentials

I would like to report an issue in LearnJCU

Report an issue in LearnJCU. Check known issues to see if your issue has a workaround.

→ Report an issue via ServiceNow

Before requesting help try looking through our guides and known issues.

LearnJCU technical support request

Online office hours (live-chat)