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Administration requests

I would like to merge subject sites

Two or more subjects can be merged into a single site to make it more efficient to manage subject materials and communications.

→ Request a Subject Merge via StaffOnline

I would like to copy content from a previous subject

As subjects are now in Ultra, you can copy content from one subject to the next (this includes copying content from an Ultra Preview Site).

→  Copying selected content between LearnJCU Ultra subject sites
→  Ask LearnJCU via ServiceNow

I would like to create an organisation site

Staff can request a organisation site (formerly known as community site) for an online environment to share resources and collaborate with peers in a specific area of interest.

→ Request a new Organisation Site via StaffOnline

I would like help in LearnJCU

Check guides or make contact with the Learning Environments Team.

→ LearnJCU guides - Getting started
→ Request forms via ServiceNow
→ Knowledge base articles

I would like help with setting up my subject site and using Ultra

Call the Ultra Hotline on extension 16807 (operating Monday - Friday, 9am-12pm) and visit the guides below.

→ LearnJCU guides - Getting started
→ 11 tips on setting up your subject site
→ Aligning your content with the JCU Subject Template
→ Ultra Essentials

I would like to report an issue in LearnJCU

Report an issue in LearnJCU. Check known issues to see if your issue has a workaround.

→ Report an Issue via ServiceNow

Before requesting help try looking through our guides and known issues.

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