Academic writing differs from discipline to discipline. How the writing is structured, and what counts as evidence depends on the discipline or field, such as history, zoology or physics. Use the resources on this page to assist you with writing your assignments.

Essay Writing Basics

There are some common features of academic essay writing. Essay Writing Basics contains five short videos that explain the core elements of essay writing. They introduce the basics, and give you an idea of the main elements of an essay, including how to respond to an essay question, and how to write a Thesis Statement (the sentence that contains your main point), and Topic Sentences (which start each new paragraph).

The resources below have been developed to help you understand the writing process. Read them in order to start planning your next assignment.

  1. Assignment Planning Guide (PDF, 606 KB)
  2. Five steps to unpack your assessment (PDF, 248 KB)
  3. How to understand essay task words (PDF, 103 KB)
  4. Building an argument in an essay (PDF, 161 KB)
  5. 10 features of academic writing style (PDF, 108 KB)
  6. Most common words in academic writing - Academic Word List (PDF, 134 KB)