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Student Exam Spaces

There are a number of computer room facilities and quiet spaces on campus suitable for taking online exams:

  • Computer Room Facilities
  • Quiet or Silent study areas - Library
If one of the following is relevant to you and you cannot make alternative arrangements, you may want to consider finding somewhere on campus:
  • Unreliable internet
  • Noise and distractions at home
  • Computer device has issues
Bring your own device

Quiet or Silent study zones – Library

Bookable Study Rooms – Library

Require a computer lab

General Access Computer Labs

Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus (Townsville Campus Map)


Cairns, Nguma-bada campus (Cairns Campus Map)


Other Computer Room Facilities

These spaces cannot be booked so it is recommended that you look at more than one option and check the spaces out in plenty of time before your exam.

Expectations for Student Exam Space Use

  • Switch your phone to silent
  • No reserved seating
  • No talking or disrupting others
  • Be respectful to other students using the room

Please refer to The Learning Centre Exams page for further exam support.