Taking a break from study (leave of absence)

Students Enrolment Taking a break from study (leave of absence)

Once you have started your studies you may find that you need to take a break. Taking a formal leave of absence allows you to take a break from your studies (usually between six months and two years) while still remaining admitted to your course at JCU.

Eligibility for leave of absence

Undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) students are eligible for a leave of absence if:

  • Your program allows it (some degrees only allow a year whereas others allow up to three years, check your degree requirements on the handbook website)

  • You have incurred fees for at least one subject under the same course

  • Your course status is 'admitted' and not 'withdrawn'

How to apply

If you have met the above eligibility criteria, complete a Leave of Absence Application, explaining why you need to take a leave of absence and submit it to the Student Centre.

If approved, any subjects you are enrolled in during the approved leave period will be automatically withdrawn (this only applies to subjects where the census date has not yet passed).

International students

International student visa holders can only request a leave of absence when there are compassionate and compelling circumstances. Taking a leave of absence may also impact on your student visa. We recommend you talk to our staff in the Student Centre before lodging your application.

Returning early or extending your leave of absence

  • If you want to return early from your leave of absence, send an email from your JCU account to the Student Centre for your study plan to be reviewed.

  • If you want to extend your leave of absence period, you’ll need to complete the application form and email it from your JCU account to the Student Centre.

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