How can I provide useful feedback?

If you would simply like to alert the University to something you believe needs to be addressed for the good of the JCU Community and you are not seeking any personal resolution, please consider submitting a Feedback Form (below). The Feedback Form asks for your name and contact details in case we need to clarify any details. The University will, however, accept an anonymous submission.

What does JCU do with my feedback?

Your feedback is sent to the most relevant senior staff member. This staff member will consider your feedback, advise staff when things have gone well and/or consider what could be done to improve your student experience. If you have requested a response, this will be provided to you in due course.

Further opportunities to provide feedback

JCU appreciates any information you provide about your experience at JCU. We have a range of informal and formal opportunities that you can do this, such as the student consultation processes, student representation, and feedback and surveys on teaching, courses and subjects.

Feedback and surveys on teaching, courses and subjects

You can provide teaching, course and subject feedback in three ways:

  • You will be regularly invited to give feedback on the teaching of subjects and on the quality of subjects and courses through Your JCU Subject and Teaching Survey.
  • You can provide feedback on courses by completing the Australian Graduate survey after graduation. This is an excellent opportunity to provide the University with feedback on your overall experience of your degree.
  • All JCU bachelor-level courses are reviewed every five years. You can participate in these reviews. Student focus groups are organised and feedback is given to the Course Review Panel.

Feedback form