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James Cook University actively seeks to consult with and obtain feedback from its students, and to enable students to participate in decision making. This takes place by regular meetings with elected student representatives, appointing student representatives to University decision-making bodies and a variety of consultation and feedback mechanisms with the student body.

Australian Government legislation requires the University to have:

  • a clearly defined process of consultation with students that is reviewed and approved annually;

  • a clearly defined process of consultation with students and student representatives about priorities for using the Students Services and Amenities Fee (SSA Fee) revenue, also to be reviewed and approved annually.

These processes are described below.

1. Process for general consultation

JCU Student Association (JCUSA)

James Cook University recognises the JCUSA as the representative voice of the student body. The University consults with the elected representatives of the JCU Student Association on matters generally pertaining to the interests of students through the following mechanisms:

  • Regular, scheduled meetings with the Vice-Chancellor and the JCUSA President

  • Regular, scheduled meetings with senior staff and appropriate elected student representatives

  • A Vice-Chancellor-appointed nominee on the JCU Student Association Student Council

  • Extraordinary meetings

  • Requests to JCU Student Association for opinion and comment.

Student representatives on decision-making bodies

The University includes elected student representatives on its decision-making bodies (e.g., University Council, Academic Board) to represent the interests of students. The University regularly informs students about opportunities to become involved with decision-making at JCU.

Brisbane and Singapore Student Councils

The University recognises the following Student Councils as representative voices for students at the Brisbane and Singapore campuses and consults with their elected representatives on matters generally pertaining to the interests of students on these campuses:

  • Student Council JCU Brisbane

  • Student Council JCU Singapore

The student body

The University consults broadly with the student body on matters that are relevant to the interests of students using the following mechanisms:

  • Surveys to monitor the effectiveness of key student services

  • Surveys to gain feedback about subject offerings and teaching

  • General invitations for comment via the web and student bulletins.

During the change process following the University restructure, further consideration will be given to establishing consultative processes with students in the academic divisions and colleges.

2. Process for SSA Fee consultation

Each year the Chair of JCU’s Student Experience Advisory Committee or nominee consults with JCU student representatives, through the JCU Student Association Council and the three elected student members of the University Council, regarding priorities for expenditure of the proceeds of the SSA Fee income.

The Student Experience Advisory Committee considers matters raised through the consultation process with the elected student representatives and develops a proposed expenditure plan. The proposed expenditure plan details the established priorities, proposed heads of expenditure and projects to be funded.

The proposed expenditure plan is published to all JCU students who are required to pay the SSA Fee. Students are provided with a minimum of two weeks to respond to the proposed expenditure plan. Through the consultation process and publication of the proposed expenditure plan, the elected student representation and the student body are provided with information about:

i. the purpose of the SSAF;

ii. the amount of revenue anticipated;

iii. the mechanisms to establish priorities for expenditure; and

iv. the timing and mechanism available to comment on the proposed priorities.

Feedback received from students is considered by the Student Experience Advisory Committee, which then recommends a proposed SSAF expenditure plan to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.

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