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Create quality digital media for your subject

The use of digital audio and video in learning and teaching has seen significant growth.  It is used to orientate students to a subject via introductory videos and also to engage and support students in their learning.

The creative spaces have been designed to help you quickly and easily produce quality recordings.

It's easy to get started

Prepare a script and rehearse
Before booking the studio download an example script (PDF, 65 KB) that highlights the key points to cover in your introductory video. Look at tips on creating an introductory video and don't forget to rehearse.

Tip: Save your script as a Word doc. It can be uploaded to the teleprompter in the studio.


  • To report any equipment-related issues or if you require any technical assistance while in the room please contact VAVS.
  • For assistance with filming and producing your digital media, please contact before booking the studio

Fashion tip
No logos or fine patterned clothing. Most videos are recorded in front of a dark-grey-screen, if using the green or blue screen avoid wearing greens or blues. If wearing a lapel mic (small mic that clips onto you) take care that your clothing or jewellery is not knocking against it.

When you finish recording, the video will be posted to the designated Subject Video Library in Panopto, JCU's digital media platform. From there, you can bring your media into LearnJCU as described in the 'Share your videos' guide.

Edit videos
You can use the Panopto Editor for minor edits of your video.

Add videos to LearnJCU
Use the 'Add video to content area' or 'Embed video into Ultra Doc' guide.

Australia - All studio and recording facilities on the Cairns and Townsville campuses can be booked centrally using the  Web Room Booker

Tip: You need to be on-campus to use the Web Room Booker, otherwise use a VPN.

Name Description Size Campus
025-237 Recording Room 1 Townsville Bebegu Yumba
028-114 Recording Room 2 Townsville Bebegu Yumba
134.120 Create Studio 2 Townsville Bebegu Yumba
302-002 LEARNING GLASS ROOM 4 Townsville Bebegu Yumba
302-007 Recording Room 4 Townsville Bebegu Yumba
A004-222BLEARNING GLASS ROOM4Cairns Nguma-bada
A004-222C Create Studio 2 Cairns Nguma-bada
A004-222D Recording Room 1 Cairns Nguma-bada
A004-222E Recording Room 1 Cairns Nguma-bada

Singapore - to book a recording session, please go to the Learning Technologies page.

Create Studio Example 1Create Studio Example 2