Subject Site Setup

Please note that all subject mergers should be requested and performed before creating content in a new site.

Setting up your subject site in 10 easy steps:

When you open an untouched subject site you will see pre-populated items. Click on the first one, labelled 'READ ME - Subject Setup Checklist'

Example of the JCU Subject Template for 2021

The link above will take you to a checklist that will guide you on aligning your subject content with the JCU Subject Template.

The JCU Subject Template is a whole-of-institution template that pre-populates four key folders to establish consistency across the student navigation.

2021 Subject Site Checklist

For anyone at the Cairns, Townsville or Singapore campus, you can record your introductory video in The Create Studio.

The Subject Outline Template and Guide (2021) represents the minimum requirements for all JCU Subject Outlines.

Take a look at the updated Learning and Teaching Assessment Policy and ensure you have made the necessary updates.

Contact your discipline's liaison librarian to check your Subject's Readings are correct. There have been some changes in this area and they will be able to properly advise.

You can also ask your liaison librarian about your Readings list and copyright obligations in LearnJCU.

For ideas on organising learning materials in a subject site take a look at the various options available.

Don't forget to organise your gradable items and setup your overall grade.

All transfers of subject content are now performed by a copying process by the subject coordinator or lecturer. Please note there are some content items that are unavailable in the selective copy and an entire subject copy might be necessary to bring those items across.

Check that all content is valid and delete what is no longer required. Ensure Mediasite video links have been published correctly. Look at making content visible or set conditional availability (show date) and update due dates on assessments.

Save time! Set visibility, show dates and due dates in bulk (also delete in bulk) with the batch edit feature in Blackboard.

Once content is visible you can check the look and functionality from the student preview feature in Blackboard.

Find out about the learning analytics data available to help you to monitor student engagement.