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Have you studied before or recently changed course? You may be able to complete your current degree in a shorter amount of time.

If you have completed subjects at another institution or as part of a different degree at JCU, you may be able to transfer credit to your current degree. Receiving credit for your previous study will prevent the unnecessary duplication of study and can save time and expense.

Applying for credit is often used if you change course or have returned to study after already completing some or part of a course at JCU or another institution. You must already have been offered a place in a course with JCU prior to your credit assessment application being processed.


You are eligible for credit for your previous study if you are a domestic JCU student (new and current students) or an international student (current students only).

If you are a future international student you should complete the Application for Admission to JCU as an International Student.

The time-limit for formal qualifications is usually 10 years for undergraduate qualifications but varies by Award.

Credit Calculator

You can use our Credit Calculator to see what subject may be transferred. Note: not all subjects from your previous course may be eligible to be transferred to your JCU course.

How to apply

Follow the steps below:

  1. If you are transferring credit from another institution, you must obtain documentary evidence of previous studies including certified copies of academic transcripts. This official document must include the titles of subjects studied, results awarded and the subjects' outlines. Note: if you are transferring credit from JCU, you don't need to provide your transcripts because we have access to your academic history. Simply list your previous subjects in the application form.
  2. Download and complete a credit for previous study (advanced standing) application form (PDF, 165 KB). (If you are changing your course as well as applying for credit, complete the advanced standing section in the course transfer form).
  3. Submit both the form and the supporting documentation (if required) to the address indicated on the form.

More information

Go to Ask Us – there are more than 1000 commonly asked questions and answers available 24/7. The top credit transfer questions include:

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