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International students

Find out the cost of your course and subjects and what to do if your residency changes.

Go to the International Students website to find your course and subject fee amounts and to see what scholarships and financial assistance is available to you.

If you are admitted to the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery or the Bachelor of Veterinary Science as an international tuition fee student and your residency status changes during your course of study, you will then be enrolled as a domestic tuition fee student. Your fees will be equivalent to the international tuition fees.

See the Change of Residency section for further information.

If your residency status has changed to domestic, you may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place. Eligible students include:

1. Students studying any undergraduate course, except for Bachelors of Medicine, Surgery, Veterinary Science or Dentistry.

2. Students studying Bachelors of Medicine, Surgery, Veterinary Science or Dentistry who have paid domestic tuition fees equivalent to the international tuition fee for 48 credit points after their change in residency status.

If you are one of these students, you can apply to transfer to a Commonwealth supported place.