When are my fees due?

Pay your fees by the payment due date

Each study period and trimester has a payment due date. These dates can be found on the Academic Calendars.

You must pay your subject fees and SSA Fees by the payment due date, which is 10 days prior to census date.

It's important to pay all of your fees (including SSA Fee, subject fees and library fines) by the payment due date in each study period and trimester. If you don't, the following penalties may apply:

  • your enrolment could be cancelled, or

  • you may be penalised financially, or

  • you could be sanctioned as a ‘debtor’, which will prevent you from viewing your results, enrolling in future subjects and graduating.

Defer payment of your fees by the census date

If you are eligible to defer payment of your fees, you must submit the relevant HELP-loan forms by the census date.

Your enrolment is finalised on the census date, so if you haven't paid or deferred your fees or withdrawn any unwanted subjects by the census date, you will be penalised. See penalties for unpaid fees and late withdrawals.

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