CEE TEL Design Panopto Video Capture Copy subject videos to a new subject

Copy subject videos into a subject video library

Time to rollover your subject video library to a new period? Ensure your Panopto videos are in the new Subject's video library.

By having your Panopto videos in the new Subject's video library:

  • students can search through a catalogue
  • students have more viewing options
  • you can track student engagement through the subject video library analytics.

Copy process

  1. Perform a subject copy in LearnJCU
    1. This step will copy (Panopto) videos that are in selected folders, learning modules, or Ultra documents, but the videos will still remain in the original (Panopto) subject video library
  2. Next, once items are copied into your subject site, navigate to the Subject Video Library
    1. Notice, that there are no Panopto videos in your Subject Video Library even though there are Panopto videos that have been copied into your Subject Content.
  3. In the Subject Video Library, click on the Settings cog wheel icon in the top right-hand corner
  4. Under the Course Video Copy heading, click the Choose source folder option and search for the subject that holds the majority of your videos pertaining to your new subject site (this step cannot be reversed)
  5. Click Begin Folder Copy and then Ok

Now that you have completed those 5 steps, wait for up to 24 hours and check back on your new subject's video library. You should see all videos from the original subject video library and any extras that are in the subject content.


  • Once you Choose source folder this step cannot be reversed, that is, you cannot change the source folder.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for this copy process to be completed.
  • Subfolders within the selected folder will also be copied, along with their content.
  • Any assignment folders, along with student video submissions, will not be copied.
  • Clear out any copied Lecture Recordings from the new folder once the copy is complete.