CEE TEL Design Panopto Video Capture Create video in subject folder

Create a video in a (Panopto) subject folder

The Create button, which is available throughout Panopto, allows the creation of different types of content in Panopto. Accessing the Create button while in the subject folder will select that as the destination by default but no matter how you create your video you can choose the folder it ends up in.

Note: Videos created in a subject folder become available to students as soon as they are ready. If you'd like to do further editing on a video it is suggested that you create the video in your personal 'My Folder' and then move them to the subject folder when ready.

In the Panopto Desktop app this is done by choosing the folder from the drop-down:

Folder select

In the browser-based Panopto Capture choosing a destination folder can be done after a recording is complete by selecting the folder from the drop-down:

Select the folder in Panopto Capture