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Download Panopto Desktop Recorder


The Panopto Desktop Recorder is a great way to capture your desktop, PowerPoint slides, webcam, and other sources to create one-off or re-useable learning objects, instructional videos, or even announcements. It can be installed on computers on and off-campus and is installed by default on the majority of JCU computers and only requires you to sign in and confirm the right inputs are selected to start recording.

JCU students only have access to the Desktop Recorder, and other recording options, when they have been given a video assessment.

On JCU computers the Panopto Desktop Recorder is available for installation via the Software Centre.

To install the software navigate to the Software Centre (located on the Windows desktop or under the Applications folder on a Mac) and click the icon:

Software Centre

Select Panopto Desktop Recorder from the list and then click Install:

Software Centre Install

Panopto Desktop Recorder can be installed on personal Windows and Mac computers by downloading it directly from Panopto.

On JCU computers you will be required to run Make Me Admin to complete the installation. Installing from the Software Centre is the easiest way to install it on JCU computers.

During installation, Panopto may ask for the JCU Panopto URL. If asked it is: jcu.au.panopto.com