CEE TEL Design Panopto Video Capture Link subject video library in content area

Link subject video library in content area

Sometimes it may be best to encourage students to access the Panopto subject folder where they can search through all the videos related to the subject. This can aid them in their revision. Although students can always access the folder by going to Books and Tools and then clicking on Access Panopto you can also insert a link to the folder in the content area.

  1. In the subject, site click on Books and Tools in the left-hand menu
    Books and ToolsClick the Plus button next to Access Subject Video Library (Panopto)

    Access Panopto
  2. The 'Access Subject Video Library (Panopto)' will be added to the bottom of the content area:
    Added to the content area
  3. Rename and move it up to where you would like it.