Registering for classes

If you require assistance registering for classes, follow this guide.

Completing your class registration

A list of subjects that you are currently enrolled in will be displayed. Select the study period you wish to class register for from the drop-down box and click Refresh to display subjects for different study periods. You may find that you are already registered into classes where there is no option.   Each subject will have a registration status beside it:

Red circleYou are not yet registered for any classes for that subject
Yellow circleYou have registered for some but not all classes
Green circleYou have registered in all classes for that subject

Follow these steps to register for your classes

  • Click on the Register into all single class activities button. This will check that you are registered into all classes with no choices.

Register into all single class activities

  • Click on the Register or Change button next to the subject information to select classes where a choice exists (e.g. tutorials).

Screenshot showing example of Register or Change buttons

  • Click on the green plus symbol that appears when you hover over a class to register into it. Click Save.

Example showing green plus sign that displays after clicking on a class.

  • Repeat until all registration statuses display the All Classes Registered message.

Screenshot showing all classes registered message.

TIP: You can hide full classes by clicking on the Hide Full Classes button above the timetable grid. You will still see classes that you are waitlisted in or registered in.

Screenshot showing Hide Full Classes button

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have correctly registered in all classes relevant to your enrolment.

If you wish to change a class you have registered for, you can swap classes by clicking Change for the selected subject.


If classes are closed in eStudent you will receive the following message if attempting to register:

Screenshot showing registration closed message.

Classes may be closed because:

  • The opening date for class registration has not yet occurred. Click HERE to see the opening dates for class registration.
  • The closing date for class registration has occurred. This will generally be the end of the second week of your study period. Click HERE to see the opening dates for class registration. Contact the Student Centre for any registration changes.
  • Your classes do not allow self-registration.  For students studying Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Pharmacy, your class registrations for core subjects will be managed by your College. All you need to do is enrol in your subjects in eStudent. However, you will still need to register in classes for elective subjects separately. You should contact your college if you need to make any changes to your class registration for core subjects.

In some cases you will see a class with more than one 'From' date. This means the class is not run each week and breaks exist in the timetable.

Screenshot showing a class with more than one date in the list

Screenshot showing another example of multiple dates.

In the Week Starting field enter the first From Date of the class and click Refresh.

Screenshot showing Week Starting field and Refresh button.

The timetable grid will indicate all classes for the date selected and you can then use the Back and Forward arrows to view other weeks.

Screenshot showing Timetable Grid with back and forward arrows

If a class is full and there is no wait list available, the class will display an Unavailable? Link.

Screenshot showing Unavailable message.

Hover over the link and a message will be displayed.

Screenshot showing what the Unavailable message displays like.

In this instance, you should:

  1. Select an alternate class that is not full for the particular activity; OR
  2. Change your subject enrolment (if this class is for an elective subject) if you are unable to make it to an alternate class; OR
  3. Contact the Student Centre for further assistance if you are unable to change your enrolment at all.

If classes are full, you may be able to place yourself on a wait list. A small grey clock icon will display on the class if a wait list is available (refer to the screenshot below).

Screenshot showing the grey waiting list clock.

Click on the clock icon to go on to the wait list for this class and then click Save.

You can see the status (i.e. position number) of your wait list on the subject class registration grid.

Screenshot showing the status of your wait list on the subject class registration grid.

You will be contacted as soon as possible to resolve your wait list.

When attempting to register for a class, you may receive a message advising that you are not eligible for a place in the class. Please contact Student Centre for further assistance.

Screrenshot showing Reserved Places message.

Streamed classes are two or more classes connected together.  Selecting a stream will register you into all classes associated with that stream.

If your subject has class streams, the class will have a 'chain link' icon in the top right corner of the class on the timetable grid.

Screenshot showing Streamed Classes chain link icon.

Click the checkbox next to the stream you want to register for from the list of streams that appear on the left of the timetable grid.

Screenshot showing the stream classes checkbox on the left hand side of the timetable grid.

The classes included in the stream will be highlighted.

If '+ More Info' appears below a class type, click the + to see the 'Activity Comments'.