Swapping Classes

To swap a class means to change the class you are registered in for a particular activity. You can only swap classes if you are already registered in another class for the same activity.

Follow these steps to swap a class:

  1. Go to the My Classes tab.
  2. A list of subjects that you can register for will be displayed. Select the subject in which you wish to swap a class by clicking Change for the associated subject.
  3. You will see a timetable that displays all of the classes available for the subject you have selected. All classes with available alternate options will also have a "swappable class" icon.
  4. To swap classes, click on the checkbox in the top left-hand corner of the class you want to swap into. When you swap, you will be unregistered from the class you were previously registered in. If you want to swap, click Save.
  5. Details of the classes swapped will be displayed on your My Timetable overview.
  6. If the classes have swapped successfully, you will now see a success message.

If you are having difficulties in completing your class swap please contact the Student Centre.