Academic Records

An official academic record is the official record of your JCU enrolment. It details:

If you have graduated, it will also include the date your award was conferred.

Request an official academic record

Academic Records are produced according to your current academic status.

If you want your results and/or graduation conferral details to appear on your record, please check your My Results and Graduations tab in eStudent to confirm that the desired details have been released before submitting your application.

Complete the Application for Academic Record form and return your signed, completed form by email, post or in person:

  • Email to
  • Post to JCU Student Centre, Townsville (details on application form)
  • Submit in person to the JCU Student Centres in Townsville or Cairns only (details on application form)

Costs and payment

Academic record (first copy)


Additional copies

$5.00 each

My eQuals digital copy$15.00 (no delivery fee)

Standard postage within Australia


Express post within Australia


Overseas AIRMAIL


International Express*

Cost on enquiry via email to

*Express international postal delivery: postage costs on request only. Please email your delivery address details to and the cost for this postage type will be advised to you in a return email. Please then note this amount on your Application for Academic Record form. A signature is required on delivery.

You can pay via the following methods:

  • At JCU Student Centres you can pay by credit card or EFTPOS – only when lodging your application form in person.
  • Pay by credit card on the application form and lodge via email or post.

Collect your academic record in person

If you are collecting your academic record in person from the Student Centre, you will need to provide photo ID.

If another person is collecting your academic record for you, please ensure you fill out the third party collection statement on the application form, otherwise this person will need to provide photo ID and a letter of authority, signed by you.

My eQuals digital copy

My eQuals is a platform that allows you to digitally view your Academic Record. It allows you to share digital documents with anyone you choose (e.g. employer, family, friend, interested third party), at any time and control how long they can review your records for.

Accessing documents on My eQuals is easy:

  1. Complete an Application for Academic Record, making sure to tick the digital options. Once completed, send your application to .
  2. Once you have received confirmation that your Academic Record has been processed and paid for, create an account on the My eQuals website.
    Note: the email address used to create your account must match the one nominated on your academic record request form.
  3. Once you have logged in, view your documents available.

Please visit AskUs for more My eQuals troubleshooting questions.

Processing time

There are different processing times, depending on when you commenced your studies:

Commencement date


From 2008 onwards

Usually the same business day if you request it in person at the Student Centre - no form is required in this case.

From 1991 to 2007

Up to 5 working days

Prior to 1990

Up to 10 working days

Please note, some records may require additional processing that can take extra time, you will be notified if this is the case when you make your request.

Certified copies

Official academic records are printed on blue JCU security paper without alterations or erasures and are certified by the Director, Student Services.

When photocopied or electronically scanned, the word ‘COPY’ appears prominently across the front of the document. The micro-printing security line, which reads ‘James Cook University’ under magnification, is not legible on a copy.

Unofficial academic record

You can obtain an unofficial academic record (listing your subjects and grades) via eStudent:

  • Log into eStudent
  • Go to Results and Graduation, click on ‘results’ and then ‘continue’
  • Select ‘email my complete academic record’

Your unofficial academic record will be sent to your JCU email account.

Students no longer studying at JCU who do not have an active ‘my.jcu’ email address or access to eStudent will need to apply for an official Academic Record.

Further information

If you need any further information, please email