Current Students Forms AAS Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) Request Form

AAS Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) Request Form

Complete this form to request Supplementary Academic Support for tutorial assistance, editorial assistance and domestic training/workshop attendance fees.

Separate forms will be required for different types of SAS requests.

Personal Details

Support Type

Start Date

Finish Date

Please attach details of the event (e.g. registration flyer) and a supporting statement from your Course Coordinator or Supervisor.

Declaration - AAS conditions and usage of SAS *

  • Awardees wanting to access the supplementary academic support (SAS) funds must contact the Academic Administration and Enrolment (AAE) Team and gain approval for the use of these funds prior to any bookings/payments being made.
  • AAE may arrange SAS in the form of: (a) individual tutorial assistance or academic support; or (b) group tutorial sessions when a number of students are experiencing similar difficulties.
  • Supplementary academic support is accrued at $500 every six months.
  • Unused funds for completed time frames will be rolled over and funds cannot be expensed in advance.
  • You must ensure that you have read and understood the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook for full details and comply with the scholarship and its conditions as per your contract with the Commonwealth of Australia.