Current Students Forms AAS Travel Request Form

AAS Travel Request Form

Complete this form to request for your Completion or Reunion Travel.

NOTE:   This form should be completed at least FOUR weeks prior to your planned departure date.

Incomplete or late applications may not be able to be processed in time for requested travel dates.

An itinerary will be sent to you for checking and confirmation prior to booking.

Your confirmed itinerary will be provided once the booking has been finalised.

Type of Travel
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Personal Details
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Travel Details
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  • AAS allows for the most direct route and cost effective (discounted/cheapest economy/best fare of the day) to the closest airport to your city/hometown.
  • Stopovers in Australia and/or overseas are not permitted unless there is no direct route.
  • Ticket/s issued cannot be varied without the approval of the Academic Administration and Enrolment (AAE) team.
  • Once your ticket has been issued, you will be responsible for all costs if you wish to make any approved changes.
  • You are responsible for checking that your personal details and booking details are correct.
  • AAS does not cover: (1) cost of travel insurance for the loss of any possessions; (2) travel costs of your dependants/family members; (3) cost of transporting personal effects or excess baggage.
  • You are strongly advised not to return home until final results are released or thesis handed in. If you have to return to Australia to complete a failed subject, you will be responsible for all travel and associated costs.
  • You have read and understand the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook and understand it is your responsibility to comply with your scholarship conditions, as per your contract with the Commonwealth of Australia.