Staff IT Essentials

For those of you returning, welcome back and for those of you pursuing a career at JCU for the first time, welcome to James Cook University. We’ve put together a list of information that we hope you find useful:

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Your Account

Information and communications technology (ICT) is essential for teaching, learning, research and administration.

As a member of the JCU community, you have a Computer Account. Your computer account affords access to computing and communications facilities, information systems and resources which are provided in support of your academic and professional pursuit at JCU.

The security of your account is important so please review the Account and Computer Security Guide which provides some useful hints to help you maintain your account and computer security and about the campus-wide Virus Protection license. You can change your JCU password at any time by following the Passwords link on the Library and Computing site.

Orientation & Induction Training

The Staff Induction Online website introduces you to JCU and contains a good overview of how the University works from the perspective of a staff member.

As part of their induction, all new staff members also receive an IT training voucher from ITR, which you will find in your Induction Pack. To book your training session with an IT Support Officer, please contact ITHelpdesk.

This training will cover;

  • The Managed Operating Environment installed on JCU staff computers;

  • Access to Online staff resources such as LearnJCU, HROnline;

  • Access to the JCU Email & Calendaring Service;

  • How to go about contacting IT Services and Support in the future.

IT HelpDesk

Information and assistance is available from the ITHelpdesk or via the web through the ServiceNow Web Self Service Page. The ITHelpdesk can be contacted by email or by phone +61 7 4781 5500 and select Option 1.







Internal Ph: 15500
External Ph : 4781 5500
International: +61 7 4781 5500




Internal Ph: 21777
External Ph : 4781 5500
International: +61 7 4781 5500

Thursday Island


Ph : 4781 5500
International: +61 7 4781 5500

Mt Isa


Ph : 4781 5500
International: +61 7 4781 5500



Ph : 4781 5500
International: +61 7 4781 5500

JCU Singapore


MIS +65 65766811 - 814.

JCU Brisbane


Ph: 07 3001 8001

Videoconferencing & Audio Visual Services

Information regarding Videoconferencing and Audio Visual systems in Common Teaching Rooms, Desktop Videoconferencing, Videoconferencing bookings should visit the Videoconferencing and Audio Visuals Services website which has a host of information including user guides, virtual room tours and other technical resources.

Remote Access From Off Campus

As a member of JCU Staff you have access to some files and services from off campus, including:

Laptops & Mobile Devices

If you choose to use personal laptops or mobile devices on campus, then there are a few links that might prove useful so you get the best experience:
  • Wireless on Campus
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Virus Protection

Software Agreements

If you are looking for software that may be available for staff to install on their own computer, you may benefit from software agreements that vendors provide for staff. We negotiate various software agreements for staff and students. Advice on these agreements can be found on the Software Supplier Agreements and Offers page.

Online Services

There are several online services which you will need to know about for your time at JCU. These services provide you with gateways to employment and teaching information.

The online services for staff include:

  • LearnJCU - the university-wide online learning environment. It’s used for accessing subject materials, group sign up, submitting assessment, checking grades, viewing eLectures and communicating and collaborating with your peers. LearnJCU can be accessed on your mobile device by installing the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.

  • eAcademic – used by academics for running student academic transcripts and submitting subject results.

  • My HR Online – used to access pay records, leave entitlements & personal details.

  • StaffOnline – intranet site containing web applications for staff.

Staff have access to these and other information and services from the Staff website.

Email, Calendaring & the Web

As part of your employment, you are given access to a Microsoft Exchange Online account to manage your business email, calendar, contacts and tasks. This account is provided for all your business related communication for the duration of your employment at JCU.

You can use the calendar to arrange meetings. When used with other staff members’ calendars, meeting times can be arranged efficiently by finding common free times with all attendees. For more information on using email and calendar, see the Email Guides page.

As a staff member, you can access your business email, calendars and contacts from your computer or mobile device. You can also gain access via a web browser by logging on at using your JCU email address eg and password.

You also have a personal email account which you can access via a web browser by logging on at using eg and password.

Contacting fellow staff, students and colleagues by email is an excellent way to keep in touch and various aliases exist for subjects, courses and organisational staff aliases. These are available from the Contacts page and are for use by lecturers, tutors, students and staff.

Various Mailing lists are available for special interest groups. Staff and students can join lists to receive information or participate in discussion forums in LearnJCU.

Additionally, there is a range of mailing lists for special interest groups. As a staff member, you can also join lists to receive information or participate in discussion forums in LearnJCU.

It should be noted that these are for academic and professional purposes and that inappropriate use of Email for Unsolicited or Spam Email may incur penalty under the Use of University Computing or Communication Facilities policy. You should also be aware of the Communications Guidelines.


GATCF Computing Labs

Staff at JCU may be required to utilize computing facilities on campus called General Access Teaching and Learning Facilities. Relevant information about the GATCF includes:

Policies & Procedures

James Cook University is committed to complying with Australian copyright laws. All users of the University facilities, resources, infrastructure and systems are required to comply with Australian copyright laws and with University policies and guidelines on copyright, information technology and the use of communication facilities at JCU.

All staff members are required to comply with various government legislation, as well as JCU’s policies and guidelines, as a condition of their employment. These conditions include the appropriate use of ICT resources at JCU.

Relevant JCU policies and guidelines that you should be aware of include:

The Code of Conduct states that these resources are provided for use on university-related business with limited personal usage allowed.

JCU also has a duty of care under Australian Commonwealth legislation to filter and manage access to the Internet and to manage and control the use of Copyright Material. As a result, you may find access to some websites is restricted.

Information Management policies are available from the University Policy Library.

Computing and communications systems and resources form a significant part of the University budget. To ensure these resources are used efficiently, the university records, monitors and reports on storage and internet usage. For staff this is managed by alerts and exceptions. A 25GB quota is set for electronic mail but all email is archived. You will receive warnings to purge email should you exceed this quota. If unsure, contact InfoHelp.

The University also collects or receives personal information of a user in the course of managing the operation and use of its communication facilities. Confidentiality and use is covered by the Information Security Monitoring and Audit Policy.

Stay Informed

The weekly ICT Week in Review newsletter, will be emailed to you each week to keep you up-to-date with ICT information at JCU. You can unsubscribe from receiving this weekly newsletter by following the unsubscribe link at the end of this newsletter. Please note that the membership list is reset at the beginning of each major study period.

Notices of ICT service outages, upgrades and hardware and software updates are published to the Central Computing Bulletins. You can opt to receive these via email or subscribe to an RSS feed or on twitter. An ITR Status Report can be obtained 24 hours a day by dialing +61 7 4781 6555.

News from our Vendors can be found on the Vendor Communications page.

Information on system maintenance windows, which are performed regularly to provide better services, is available from the ICT Scheduled Maintenance page.

For those who would like to learn more about ICT @ JCU there are regular Lunch and Learn seminars on a range of topics, details and dates are available from the Lunch and Learn page.

Events and news releases and links to events, newsletters and notices are on @JCU.

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