Key dates explained

Below are the list of key dates and their definition. You can also find out more about penalties for unpaid fees and late withdrawal.



Study Period (SP)

Every subject is assigned to a study period. Each study period has a designated start and end date, census date, last date to add or substitute subjects without prior approval of subject coordinator, date for withdrawal without academic penalty, and date for release of subject results.

Start date

This is the first official day of the study period. This is the first week of classes.

Last date to enrol / withdraw online without coordinator's approval

This is the last date you can add or delete a subject from your study plan without approval from the Course Coordinator or Academic Adviser.

Payment due date

The date your fees are due for that study period.

Census Date

Your enrolment is considered finalised on Census Date. If your fees aren't paid or deferred by this date your enrolment will be cancelled. If you withdraw from a subject after the Census Date you are financially liable for it.

Last date to withdraw without academic penalty

This is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without incurring academic penalty (FAIL).

Lecture recess/study vacation

A week long period within a study period when there are no lectures or classes. This time is often used to complete assignments or study for exams.

Exam period

There are official exam periods at the end of Study Periods 1 and 2. For other study periods, the exam periods are set by individual schools.

Study Period end date

This is the last official day of the study period.

Results publication date

This is the date results will be published for subjects taught in this study period.