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Confirming details before enrolling

At JCU we need you to periodically confirm your details before you are able to enrol.  This is a requirement set by the Australian Government.

You may receive a message that looks like this:

Screenshot showing Confirm details warning message. If you do receive a message like this, you will need to confirm your details by clicking on each Confirm link for each section. After you have checked that the information is correct or made the required changes then select the confirm details button for each section. You will receive a success message if you amend any details.

Screenshot showing Success, Your disability details have been successfully saved message. Note: For Cultural and Parent / Guardian Highest Educational Attainment details you must select one of the options available.

As you confirm each detail, you will be returned to Study Plan Details with a success message (refer to the screenshot below).  Once you have confirmed that all required details are correct you will be able to enrol.Screenshot showing the message displayed to confirm details have been successfully confirmed.

If you are unable to confirm all your details, please contact IT HelpDesk to report the error. You will also need to contact the Student Centre to ask for a ‘Request to Vary Enrolment’ form be emailed out to you.