COVID-19 Advice for the JCU Community - Last updated: 22 October 2021, 8am (AEST)

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Contact Details

Up to five different address types may be recorded in eStudent, but only one may be nominated as your preferred mailing address:

  • Postal: Postal address for the current teaching period.

  • Semester Residential: Residential address during semester.

  • Home Residential:  Your permanent home address.

  • Emergency Contact: Address of your next of kin.

  • Graduation Address: Address used for graduation communications.

NOTE: All JCU hardcopy correspondence is sent to your nominated preferred mailing address.

Add new address:

Australian addresses MUST include Suburb/Town, State and Postcode details. You MUST match your postcode to your suburb (e.g. Suburb: Annandale; Postcode: 4814).

Addresses OUTSIDE Australia must ONLY be entered in Address lines 1, 2 & 3.

  • Click Add New button
    Screenshot showing Add New button

  • Select available Address Type from the dropdown list

Note: If adding a Temporary Preferred Address Type, Start and End Dates must be recorded.  Use calendar icons or enter date directly into fields.

  • Enter new address details into the required fields

    Screenshot showing Address Type, Start Date, End Date, Address line 1, Address line 2, Address line 3, Suburb/Town, State, Postcode, Country fields

  • Click Save button
    Screenshot showing Save button

Change address details:

  • Click Edit button
    Screenshot showing Edit button

  • Enter updated address details into the required fields

  • Click Save button

  • A save button

    Screenshot showing Save button

You can also easily copy an address to one or more address types by selecting the appropriate box/s before saving.

Screenshot showing Copy this Address Detail to, Emergency Contact, Home Residential, Semester Residential and Graduation Address check boxes.

Copy a current address:

  • Click Copy button 
    Screenshot showing copy button

  • Check the box/s of the address/s you wish to copy

  • Click Copy button

    Screenshot showing checkboxes and copy button

  • Success confirmation screen will display

    Screenshot showing Success message for coping address from one type to another type/s

Selecting preferred mailing address:

  • Click Make preferred button 
    Screenshot showing what Make Preferred button looks like.

Selected address is now your preferred mailing address and is identified in the address table below.

preferred mailing address screenshot.

Note: If adding a new address (except in the case of Temporary Preferred Address Types) you are given the option to select I want to make this my Preferred Mailing address.

Screenshot showing the I want to make this my Preferred Mailing Address checkbox

You can provide up to five different types of telephone contact numbers .

These are:

  • Permanent home phone

  • Semester home phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Fax number

  • Work phone

Change phone number details:

  • Click on Add New, Edit or Delete button/s as required

    Screenshot showing Add New, Edit and Delete buttons

  • Add or modify your phone details as required

  • Click on Save

Note:  You can add a comment for a phone number if required.

Screenshot showing Phone > Change details window where you can add or modify phone details and use save button

JCU staff use the JCU email network to communicate with you. It is important that you access your emails on a regular basis - at least once a week.

JCU communicates only through email addresses. If you choose to use your personal email address, it is important that you forward your JCU email to this address and keep it current.

If you choose to correspond with JCU by email, you MUST do so from your email account to prove your identity.

Change personal email address details:

  • Click on Add New or Delete button

    My Email Addresses screenshot showing Add New and Delete button.

The email type automatically defaults to Personal Email

  • Enter your personal email address, select whether the current status of your email is active or inactive and add a comment, if necessary

  • Click on Save

    Screenshot showing Email > Change Details window and fields Email Type, Email Address, Email Status and Email Comment

You can add and change details for your emergency contact person in eStudent. It is a requirement of JCU that these details are up-to-date.

  • To change emergency contact details, click Edit button

    Screenshot showing Edit and Delete buttons for Emergency Contact.

  • Enter the appropriate details into the required fields

  • Click on Save

    Screenshot showing window where you can add or modify your emergency contact details.  Fields include Contact name, Relationship, Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone