Paying by Credit Card

Credit card payments in eStudent can be used to pay specific fees and charges or to pay your entire debt. These payments are made through the SecurePay gateway.

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Credit card payments require you to know:

1 - The credit card type.
2 - The name on your credit card.
3 - The credit card number.
4 - The credit card expiry month.
5 - The credit card expiry year.
6 - The credit card CVV/CVC number.

What is a CVV (Card Verification Value) or CVC (Card Verification Code)?

This is an anti-fraud measure used by credit card companies worldwide.  It is a unique check value on the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card which is used to validate information during authorisation processes.  CVV is the method used by Visa and CVC is used by Mastercard.

Where do I find my CVV or CVC number:

You can find your CVV or CVC number on your credit card.

Visa - Signature strip on back of card: card number reprinted followed by your 3 digit CVV number.

Mastercard - Signature strip on back of card: last 4 digits of card number reprinted, followed by 3 digit CVC number.