YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey

Survey FAQs

The survey is designed to facilitate student feedback on the quality of subjects and teaching at JCU. It is essential that students provide their university teachers with constructive feedback on their teaching, and the subjects they have studied. Only then can improvements and changes be implemented.

As part of our commitment at JCU to improving the quality of our courses and teaching, we regularly seek student feedback on learning experiences.

Subject coordinators will outline the ways in which they have responded to previous student feedback, in terms of the changes they they have made to the subject's learning, teaching and/or assessment components, in the Subject Outline.

The YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey provides you with the opportunity to let JCU and your teachers know about your experience of the subjects you have studied, and the teachers who have taught you.

JCU values your feedback, which is used to review and improve student learning experiences and outcomes, making JCU an even better place to study.

The survey is conducted towards the end of each study period. Download the YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey calendar (PDF, 413 KB) for full details.

You will be sent an email when the survey instrument is available for subjects you are enrolled in. Reminders are distributed during the survey for surveys that have not been completed or submitted.

The survey is made available in accordance with JCU Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy and significant research and student survey benchmarking across Australia.

The survey period allows you to provide feedback on your subjects at a time that suits you, and provides flexibility to capture a statistically appropriate and representative response rate from a wide variety of subjects at JCU that have various teaching and assessment schedules (not all subjects have end of semester exams).

You also have the opportunity to save your survey responses and return at any time to alter or add to feedback, up to the survey closing date. But, you must remember to submit the survey for your feedback to be included in the results.

The closing date for the surveys is set at 48 hours after the finish of the official exam period, so you can wait until after exams to give feedback.

The YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey asks you to rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with a series of statements about your subjects and the teaching of those subjects. Several open-ended questions enable you to provide written feedback based on your learning and teaching experience.

Survey responses are quick and easy to complete. The entire survey should only take a few minutes to do. The online survey tool has an automatic time-out period to protect your personal information. Please consider this, and save your session information regularly to avoid losing data.

Response key

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither Disagree or Agree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree

YourJCU Subject Survey

  1. The learning outcomes in this subject were made clear to me
  2. The delivery methods (lectures, tutorials, practicals, fieldwork, online activities) used in this subject helped me understand the subject material
  3. This subject is well organised
  4. The assessment activities helped me understand the subject material
  5. I received timely feedback on my work in this subject
  6. Overall, I was satisfied with this subject
  7. What were the best aspects of this subject? (Open-ended)
  8. Are there any area(s) of this subject that could be improved? (Open-ended)

YourJCU Teaching Survey

  1. This staff member was approachable for support if I needed it
  2. The teaching style of this staff member inspired me to learn
  3. This staff member delivered subject material in ways that helped my learning
  4. This staff member provided useful feedback to improve my learning
  5. Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching of this staff member
  6. What were the best aspects of this staff member’s teaching? (Open-ended)
  7. Are there any area(s) of this staff member’s teaching that could be improved? (Open-ended)

The survey is separated into 2 sections, the subject survey and the teaching survey.

The Subject component of the survey contains 6 core quantitative questions and 2 open ended questions for comments that ask you about your experience in the subject. There is also the option for Subject Coordinators to add up to 2 extra questions to the Subject Survey for you to answer.

The Teaching component of the survey contains 5 core quantitative questions and 2 open ended questions for comments about your teacher(s). There is also the option for the staff member to add up to 3 extra questions to their Teaching Survey. One set of teaching questions appear for each staff member who has opted in for feedback on their teaching. You only need to answer the questions for staff members who have taught you in the subject.

It's recommended you complete the survey when you are not rushed or tired.

At times, students might accidentally provide the wrong responses (e.g. 'strongly agree' when they actually meant to 'strongly disagree'), or complete the survey for the wrong subject altogether.

Take your time, and check over the responses you have given before submitting your completed survey.

If you make a mistake and wish to change your feedback, please reply to the email you received and provide details of which subject survey you would like to change. Your survey can be un-submitted for you to make the changes. You will be advised by email that the survey has been un-submitted and you can then correct the original responses and resubmit your feedback.

Please note, surveys cannot be changed or un-submitted after the surveys have closed.

You can complete the survey via LearnJCU using your unique JCU login ID and password, or use the personalised survey link in the emails received, at a time and location of your choosing. All student data and responses are secured and encrypted.

Survey responses are linked to your unique student ID for three main reasons:

  1. To prevent you from submitting more than one survey
  2. To enable in-depth analysis of findings for internal reporting, and
  3. To draw incentives or prizes for survey completion.

At no point will your responses be identified or linked within reports, statistics, qualitative comments or group demographic data.  

A minimum response of 5 is required for reports to be published.

To ensure student confidence in the fair and equitable use of their responses, survey reports are not made available to JCU academic and teaching staff until after examination results have been published each study period.

Access to survey responses is governed by the JCU Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy. Survey results are not released until after examination results have been published each study period.

A summary Subject Report is available to subject coordinators and staff who taught the subject. Relevant Academic and College management will also receive the summary Subject Report. Students will receive a summary of the numerical survey responses for their subjects.

A summary Teaching Report will be available to the staff member who has been evaluated. Relevant Academic and College management will also receive the summary Teaching Report of the numerical data collected from the teaching survey.