YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey

Survey FAQs

The survey is designed to facilitate student feedback on the quality of subjects and teaching at JCU. It is essential that students provide their university teachers with constructive feedback on their teaching, and the subjects they have studied. Only then can improvements and changes be implemented.

As part of our commitment at JCU to improving the quality of our courses and teaching, we regularly seek student feedback on learning experiences.

Subject coordinators will outline the ways in which they have responded to previous student feedback, in terms of the changes they they have made to the subject's learning, teaching and/or assessment components, in the Subject Outline.

Of course not - but SHOULD you participate in the YourJCU Surveys? Absolutely!

JCU values your feedback and your participation in YourJCU Surveys provide us with a student perspective of the Subjects and Teaching that we have available at the University.

The feedback that you provide can be used to review and improve student learning experiences and outcomes, and this in turn, can help make JCU a better place to study.

YourJCU Surveys are deployed according to the YourJCU Survey Calendar (PDF, 573 KB).

The survey period allows students to complete their feedback on subjects at a time that suits them, and provides flexibility to capture a statistically appropriate and representative response rate from a wide variety of subjects at JCU that have various teaching and assessment schedules (not all subjects have end of semester exams). Students also have the opportunity to save their survey responses and return at any time up to the survey closing date.

The closing date for Subject and Teaching surveys are set at 5 days after the close of a study period. The exception to this business rule is if there is a short period of time between the closing of a study period and the publication of subject results. Student surveys will always close before the publication of subject results.

YourJCU Surveys ask you to rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with a series of statements about your subjects and the teaching of those subjects. Open-ended questions are also included that enable you to provide written feedback based on your learning and teaching experience.

Response key

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither Disagree or Agree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree

YourJCU on the PULSE

  1. The subject learning outcomes have been explained to me
  2. Subject materials are easy to locate in my LearnJCU subject site
  3. Subject materials are keeping me interested in learning about {my subject}
  4. Communication in this subject keeps me informed
  5. Assessment requirements are clear to me
  6. YOURfeedback matters! (open ended)
    Have something that you would like to share about your early experiences in {my subject}?
    Have YOUR say here:

YourJCU Subject Survey

  1. The learning outcomes in this subject were made clear to me
  2. The face-to-face/on-campus delivery methods used in this subject helped me understand the subject material
  3. The online delivery methods used in this subject helped me understand the subject material
  4. The subject was well organised
  5. The assessment activities helped me understand the subject material
  6. I received timely feedback on my work in this subject
  7. Overall, I was satisfied with this subject
  8. What were the best aspects of this subject? (Open-ended)
  9. Are there any area(s) of this subject that could be improved? (Open-ended)

YourJCU Teaching Survey

  1. This staff member was approachable for support if I needed it
  2. The teaching style of this staff member inspired me to learn
  3. This staff member delivered subject material in ways that helped my learning.
  4. This staff member provided useful feedback to improve my learning
  5. Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching of this staff member
  6. What were the best aspects of this staff member’s teaching? (Open-ended)
  7. Are there any area(s) of this staff member’s teaching that could be improved? (Open-ended)

YourJCU on the PULSE is designed to be a quick touch point right at the beginning of your subject to check in and see how you are travelling. Depending on the length of a study period, the survey is deployed in week 1 or 2, and the questions are focused on determining if you are well navigated in the subject outline, requirements of assessment and that you are engaged in your learning.

Feedback that you give at this time can ensure that areas of uncertainty can be revised by your teaching staff.

Feedback provided through YourJCU surveys is used primarily to enhance the quality of subjects and teaching at JCU through our continuous quality improvement approach. Feedback on subjects is viewed by the Subject Coordinator as well as others within the College with responsibilities for course and subject quality.

YourJCU on the PULSE

This feedback provides an early check-in with students on your experiences of a subject. Your lecturer will provide you with a prompt response to ensure that your learning is on track from the commencement of the study period.

YourJCU Subject Survey

This information assists educators and leaders to reflect on the design of current curriculum and assessment and identify where improvements and enhancements can be made to support a positive and productive student experience and the achievement of learning outcomes.

Additionally, this data may be used in performance reviews with educators.

YourJCU Teaching Survey

Your responses to teaching surveys are used by educators as they reflect upon their approaches to learning and teaching and ways in which these can be enhanced to support high quality learning experiences for students. Educators are required to use this feedback, along with other sources of data as part of their regular reviews of teaching. (see LTA 2.4.2)

Your JC number and student name are not published with YourJCU Survey responses.

Your responses are not linked to your student id when they are released to JCU staff for viewing.

Student identification numbers are linked to the YourJCU surveys for three main reasons:

  • To prevent a student from submitting more than one survey
  • To enable in-depth analysis of findings for internal reporting, and
  • To allow JCU to meet its obligations with respect to duty-of-care

Under normal use, identifying student data will not be linked within reports, statistics, qualitative comments or group demographic data.

To ensure student confidence in the fair and equitable use of their comments, reports will not be made available to JCU staff until 5 days after the results publication date for that study period.

Please note: If you provide identifying information within your responses to open-ended comments, this information will be made available to JCU staff when survey responses are released.

Feedback submitted in response to YourJCU Surveys are distributed to a number of staff members across the University according to the Student Evaluation of Subjects and Teaching Policy and the related YourJCU Distribution list.

As a student, you will receive a summary of the numerical survey responses for your subjects.

Generally, survey results are not released until 5 days after results have been published each study period.

At times, students might accidentally provide the wrong responses (e.g. 'strongly disagree' when they actually meant to 'strongly agree'), or complete the survey for the wrong subject altogether.

Take your time, and check over the responses you have given before submitting your completed survey.

If you make a mistake and wish to change your feedback, you can simply click on the link for the subject and edit your responses.

Please note, surveys cannot be changed after the closing date of a survey.

Absolutely not!
We have business rules in place that determines that your survey responses are not released for viewing until 5 days after the results publication date of your subjects.

You can rest assured that no one will see your feedback until after you have received your subject results.

Yes. You will receive access to view a summary of the quantitative feedback that has been submitted by your peers.

Commencing in 2022, survey data can be accessed through the Qualtrics platform.

Please follow this link: Qualtrics and use your normal JCU login and password.

There are 2 ways for you to access your surveys:

  1. Check your student email for an email from: Teaching Evaluation @ JCU and click on the unique link that is provided in the email.
  2. Log in to LearnJCU and click on Tools. Select Books and Tools, and then select the 'Surveys' button. Your personal Survey Portal will show all of your available surveys.

We understand that you are incredibly busy with your studies and your time is limited. With this in mind, we have designed the YourJCU surveys to be quick and easy to complete taking a minimal amount of your time.

Each survey should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

If you think one of your surveys is missing from your available survey list, you should email the Teaching Evaluation Team.

You should provide the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your JC number
  • The Study Period of your Subject
  • The Subject Code
  • The type of survey you think is missing: Subject, Teaching, on the PULSE

Yes. Malicious feedback is not tolerated by the University, and students who submit malicious feedback are in breach of the Student Code of Conduct and will be dealt with according to the relevant Policy.

When malicious feedback is submitted in response to a YourJCU Survey, the University may use its discretion to determine the identity of a student so that they can investigate.