Brought to you by your SSA Fee

Students Fees & Financial Support Brought to you by your SSA Fee

The JCU Vice-Chancellor Professor Sandra Harding recently approved proposed expenditure of approximately $4.2 million of student fees through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). The 2016 SSAF Expenditure Plan is available here.

Below are some examples of how your Student Services and Amenities Fee has been used.

Student Representation and Advocacy    

This SSAF allocation contributes specifically to the provision of advocacy services for students on a broad range of academic and welfare matters and also provides representation funding for members of the JCU Student Association to sit on various panels and committees, to ensure the student voice is heard in institutional decision making.    

More student support staff    

JCU is committed to enhancing students’ access, participation and success through a ‘whole-of-institution’ approach to widening participation, learning, teaching and the student experience, including appropriate facilities and access to learning technologies.      

The 2016 SSAF allocation continues to include funding for key support service personnel such as Student Welfare Officers, Academic Language and Learning Advisors, an additional Career Development Learning Officer and an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Mentor to support  those studying on campus, in remote study centres and externally.    

SSAF Support for Student Life events for Commencing Students    

SSAF funding is always made available to both the JCUSA and to other JCU student groups and bodies for a range of orientation, induction and student belonging events across the academic year. For example:    

  • The Student Life Team host a comprehensive JCU Orientation and Transition Program on the Townsville and Cairns Campus through a five-week schedule of preparatory courses, inductions, information sessions, course introductions, social events, drop-in sessions, special interest group activities and pre-census retention activities.          
  • After positive student feedback during 2015, the Student Services Directorate were again successful in their bid to utilise SSAF funds to employ Enrolment Help Roamers and Concierge staff to assist in providing information and assistance to students during Orientation.
  • The Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Centre host the JCU Student Mentor Program to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for new students and in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The program provides holistic support that specifically targets the academic and cultural needs of students to improve student participation, retention and strengthen an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on Townsville and Cairns campuses.          

Library - Infohelp Rovers    

Building on the success of the Library Infohelp Rovers program funded by SSAF in 2015, the program has again been SSAF funded into 2016. Infohelp Rovers can help you to develop study skills and guide you through a range of services; for example, LibGuides and search skills, helping with IT issues, basic software support, connecting to the JCU Eduroam wireless network, printing and photocopying issues, use of online JCU services  such as LearnJCU and finding information on the JCU website, helping with referencing and the like. In 2015, Library Infohelp Rovers dealt with over 6500 individual enquires and the assistance was rated as one of the Top 10 Services offered by Library & Information Services.    

Free library postage for distance students    

Students studying off-campus and living more than 50 kilometres from the JCU Cairns and Townsville campuses will continue to receive free return post bags for JCU library books. Find out more at Off Campus Library Service.    

Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Kitchenette    

In 2015, SSAF funding was used to construct a kitchenette outside the 24 hr Info Commons at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library. This meant that students now have microwaves and hot water available to keep them sustained during long hours of study and exam  preparation. Students had long been requesting such a facility and it has been extremely popular and well used.    

Student-friendly spaces    

In 2013, the University developed a Pedagogical Space Plan that identified the types of spaces required to deliver on its objectives of contemporary, mixed mode learning and teaching. In 2014, the first student-friendly spaces delivered through SSAF funding were the Peer-to-Peer space on the ground floor of Building 034 for Earth Sciences and the Social Learning Space on the ground floor of Building 004 – Social Sciences. These spaces were completed in 2014 and 2015 respectively.    

In 2015, a SSAF allocation was made to develop the Outdoor Social Learning Space in the under-croft of Building 025 – Nursing.  This project was completed in early 2016.  Further design has been undertaken for a peer-to-peer and collaborative learning space in the ground floor of Building 025 to complement the Outdoor space.    

A SSAF allocation was also made in 2015 towards the design of peer-to-peer and collaborative learning spaces on the ground floor of the Cairns Library. This project has now been fully funded by 2016 SSAF and is due for completion in 2016.    

After-hours student study assistance    

Need help after hours?  Thanks to 2016 SSAF funding, students can now access YourTutor, an after-hours online academic assistance service providing students with expert advice on a wide range of foundational concepts (for example, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology), together with advice and  assistance with study strategies, assignment preparation and English language usage in written communications.      

Got a question, need help – just Ask Us!    

If you have a question, check out Ask Us – it’s a 24/7 online enquiry database with more than 1,000 commonly asked questions. The system has information on enrolments, support services, academic help, fees, scholarships, social events, calendars, IT support – everything!

The Ask Us ‘concertina’ advice and services card is being reviewed and updated, ready for distribution to new students and all staff again next year.  The card promotes distinctive areas of advice across four key areas of identified student need: University, Learning, Careers and  Life and provides specific details of services available to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and International students.      

Support for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students    

In 2016, SSAF funding will be allocated towards a range of activities being delivered or supported by the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Centre including Smoking Ceremony, NAIDOC week, Student Mentor Program and the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Games.    

Support for HDR Candidates    

In 2016, SSAF funding for research students continues and will be used to deliver supportive group activities such as: seminar days, research student conferences, cohort activities for off campus research candidates, disciplinary-relevant career workshops and social events.      

Support for International students    

  • New to Australia and JCU! A series of international student peer advice videos are being created by the International Student Support team. Current international students who represent the diversity of countries from which our student population is drawn, will be interviewed on a range of subjects with the objective of further preparing international students for successful transition to JCU, aiding in a successful transition to living and learning in Australia on our tropical campuses.  The videos will be played at a variety of events, including the International pre-departure webinar sessions, International Student Orientation sessions and available on the JCU website.          
  • The JCUSA has successfully bid to hold a JCU Ball, open to all students but specifically targeted to international students. Keep an eye out on the JCU Student Association website for more details.          

SSAF Support for students located at Thursday Island, Mackay and Mount Isa  

This project has built on the success of and recommendations from the 2015 SSAF funded Thursday Island Bootcamp and has now been extended in 2016 to Mount Isa and Mackay campuses. The project will deliver a series of interactive workshops and activities assisting students with their information  needs, the finding and evaluating of information, effective reading, essay planning and writing, and referencing and learning skills.      

Student Sporting and Recreational Activities    

  • Maintaining a healthy and active life is made easier and more affordable with support provided through SSAF.  Recreational and cultural activities, together with a range of supporting services and amenities, are also provided across campus with this SSAF allocation. Find out more at the JCU Student Association.
  • The on-campus Colleges have again banded together to hold the annual Inter-Collegiate Cultural Competition and Concert. This event is SSAF funded in 2016. For more information contact the John Flynn College.          
  • Funds have been allocated to support registration and travel costs for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Townsville and Cairns campuses to participate in the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games in 2016.          

Interested in forming a SSAF supported Student Club or Society?    

Clubs and societies play an active role in the University community by providing students the opportunity meet people with common interests and to pursue those interests. The JCUSA offer funding from SSAF for financial and administrative support to these organisations and students interested in forming  their    own.  Contact    the JCU Student Association to find out more.    

Watch the game in comfort – day and night…    

In 2016, SSAF funding continues to improve JCU sporting facilities. Lighting on the cricket oval field is being erected so you can watch your favourite team and catch all the action, day or night.