Report a cheating service

By reporting a cheating service you are protecting yourself and other students from criminal activity.

In Australia, commercial cheating services are illegal and might offer to:

  • sell you essays or assignments
  • ask you to upload previous work from your course
  • sell you study notes or exams
  • sit exams on your behalf

How to report

JCU fosters environments that promote academic integrity, professional behaviour, and ethical standards. If you see any material promoting a suspected cheating service via a website, email, social media, poster, notice or business card then please report it using the following student form:


Illegal contract cheating services will be investigated and reported to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) for further penalty. For more information, see identifying, avoiding and reporting illegal cheating services and understanding academic integrity.


For JCU's stance on academic integrity and student responsibilities, visit the Coursework Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure.

Staff form

Staff can report a cheating service through the Staff portal - Reporting a cheating service.