My sanctions

A sanction is a hold or a condition that has been imposed by the University. Sanctions are imposed in accordance with JCU Student Policies due to outstanding debts or enrolment considerations.

A sanction may:

  • prevent you from performing certain actions e.g. enrolling in subjects

  • withhold information such as results

  • display warning messages informing you of conditions that may have been placed upon your enrolment

Over the course of your study at JCU you may have certain sanctions and conditions placed upon you.  These can be a result of:

  • A financial issue that has to be resolved

  • An issue with your progression through your course

  • Other issues that may arise academic or otherwise

An example of what you will see if you have a sanction imposed on you:

Screenshot showing an example of what you will see if a sanction has been imposed.

Types of sanctions and what they do

Learn more about sanctions and how to remove them.