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Viewing and changing graduation details

To view your graduation personal details, add or change your details or phonetic name in preparation for your graduation follow the steps below. Changes must be submitted two weeks before the date of your graduation ceremony.

Note: Graduation information will appear in eStudent after results have been published and applications to graduate have been processed.

Personal details

To change your personal details please refer to the Changing your personal details website.

Phonetic name

To add or change or phonetic name in eStudent:

  1. Click on the Modify my Phonetic Name button
  2. Screenshot showing Modify my Phonetic Name button

  3. Type your details into the New Phonetic Name field

    This will ensure your formal name is pronounced correctly e.g. the name “Sean Rhys Beauchamp” can be phonetically written as “Shorn Reese Bee-chum”.

    Example of New Phonetic Name field

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