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COVID-19  Advice for JCU Students

At JCU, you will need to sit exams for all or part of your study.  This website will guide you through the changes and link you to the support pages to find out information about how your exams will be presented to you, how to apply to defer your exam, apply for special consideration in exam marking and your results.

As the University responds to COVID-19 the following decisions have been made:

  • No final, face-to-face examinations will be held on campus during the official examination period (6-19 June) for subjects being completed in Teaching Period 1
  • Online assessment and exams during this official examination period will be scheduled to prevent clashes and ensure that you have no more than two assessment events on any one day.

Exam timetables
Exam rules and expectations
Tips for exam success
Deferring exams or applying for special consideration
Special requirements in exams

To reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your academic results, a variety of changes have been introduced, please refer to the

Academic Safety Net.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 site and reach out to the Student Centre.

All JCU students must behave ethically and honestly when completing assessments. If you are found to have committed misconduct such as plagiarism or cheating, you may face serious penalties including expulsion from your course.

Student academic misconduct