Help and Resources

There are a number of free and confidential services you can seek help from to discuss your complaint and your personal circumstances, or to better understand who to go to with your concerns.

Services and resources at JCU

  • JCU Counselling Service – to discuss any issue that is having a negative impact on your studies.
  • Student Association Student Advocates – provide free, confidential support, independent from the university. They can help you gather the relevant information you need to support and manage any process within the University. JCU Singapore students please contact a student advisor by emailing
  • Equity Contact Officers - provide information and referral options for both students and staff regarding both informal and formal resolution options.
  • Student Matters Team – if you need advice about the next step to take. Phone (within Australia): (07) 4232 1500, Phone (outside Australia): +61 7 4232 1500. Email:
  • Sexual Misconduct Officers provide confidential advice and support to any person to address sexual harassment and sexual assault. You can speak with a Sexual Misconduct Officer about any issue that is causing you concern – no matter how big or small the issue may seem.

JCU offers many other support services - visit Student Support to find out more.

Appeal of a complaint decision

If you are not satisfied with the decisions made by the University in regards to your complaint, you may submit an appeal provided you have Legitimate Grounds. Find out more here.

Organisations external to JCU

If you remain dissatisfied with the way the University has dealt with your complaint, there are external organisations which may be able to assist. The following complaints handling services provide free and impartial external processes that complainants may choose to access. You may contact these agencies at any time throughout or after the complaint process.

In Singapore, a student may ask for help from the Council for Private Education (CPE) Student Services Centre (SSC), which is part of the Singapore Government’s approved dispute resolution scheme for tertiary education. Please note that after the SSC reviews a complaint, they may refer students to the CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme, which may involve a cost to use.