Policy Equity Domestic and Family Violence Policy

Domestic and Family Violence Policy

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To provide University employees with a framework to support employees who experience domestic and family violence.


This policy applies to all employees who are covered by the current James Cook University Enterprise Agreement.


Domestic and Family Violence: as defined in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012, domestic violence means:

behaviour by a person (the first person) towards another person (the second person) with whom the first person is in a relevant relationship that—

(a) is physically or sexually abusive; or

(b) is emotionally or psychologically abusive; or

(c) is economically abusive; or

(d) is threatening; or

(e) is coercive; or

(f) in any other way controls or dominates the second person and causes the second person to fear for the second person’s safety or wellbeing or that of someone else.


James Cook University is committed to supporting a staff member experiencing domestic and family violence to continue to participate in the workforce and maintain their employment through a broad range of support.

James Cook University will provide support to a staff member experiencing domestic and family violence by approving reasonable requests for the following:

a)   Changes to hours of work;

b)   Changes to the location of work;

c)   Relocation to suitable employment where this is able to be identified;

d)   Changes to work phone numbers or work email addresses;

e)   Other appropriate measures such as family-friendly hours and flexible working arrangements;

f)   Access to leave entitlements under the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement including domestic and family violence leave, personal and carer's leave, annual leave and long service leave.

Leave absences will be determined by the individual's situation through negotiation between the staff member and appropriate line manager.

A staff member who experiences situations of violence and abuse in their domestic and family life which may adversely impact on their attendance and/or performance at work will not be disadvantaged in their employment at James Cook University.

All personal information given in relation to situations of domestic and family violence will be kept confidential. No information will be kept on an employee’s personnel file without their express permission.

James Cook University will co-operate with all legal orders protecting a staff member experiencing domestic and family violence.

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James Cook University Enterprise Agreement


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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

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Human Resources Committee

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18-111/07/201813/07/2018Updated to reflect 2016 Enterprise Agreement changes.Deputy Director, Human Resources
17-109/08/201710/08/2017Mid-year review of HR Policies in line with the HR Operational Plan item, Deliver Policy Reviews, Fitness for Future Purpose Deputy Director, Human Resources
16-2 22/12/2016Policy review date extended to 31/12/17 on request by Deputy Director HR. Approved by DVC Services and ResourcesQuality, Standards and Policy Unit
16-122/06/2016 Minor amendment Quality, Standards & Policy




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Quality, Standards and Policy




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Belinda Pope



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