Policy Student Matters

Student Matters

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Academic and Statutory Decisions Review and Appeal Procedure (effective from 01/01/2023)

Academic Misconduct Procedure

Admissions Procedure

Attendance Monitoring Procedure - English Language Programs

Awards Titling Procedure

Complaint and Conduct Decisions Appeal Procedure (effective from 01/01/2023)

Course Transfer Procedure

Coursework Award Finalisation, Conferral and Issuance Procedure

Coursework Enrolment Procedure

Coursework Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants and Prizes Procedure

Credit and Articulation Management Procedure

Credit Transfer Procedure

Defence Force, National Service and Elite Athlete Friendly University Procedure

Distribution of Results Procedure

Domestic Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure

Exit and Interim Award Procedure

Finalisation and Publication of Student Results Procedure

Incidental Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure

Internal Sponsorship and Exemption Procedure

International Tuition Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure

Maximum Time to Complete Procedure

OS-HELP Loans Procedure

Outbound Mobility Procedure

Professional Experience Placement Requirements Procedure

Review and Appeal of Academic Progression Outcomes Procedure (effective to 31/12/2022)

Review and Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure (effective to 31/12/2022)

Student Complaints Procedure

Special Consideration Procedure

Student Disability AccessAbility Support and Plans Procedure

Student Disability Reasonable Adjustments Procedure

Student General Misconduct Procedure

Student Professional Misconduct Procedure

Student Review and Appeal Procedure (General) (effective to 31/12/2022)

Student Services and Amenities Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure

Unsatisfactory Academic Performance Procedure

Withdrawal from Subjects without Financial and Academic Penalty