Policy Welfare and Support Arrangements for Under 18 International Students Procedure Schedule 1 - Minimum Standards for Approved Accommodation Providers

Schedule 1 - Minimum Standards for Approved Accommodation Providers

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  1. All accommodation to be provided to Under 18 Students must be age and culturally appropriate having regard to the particular needs of Under 18 Students. This will include privacy in relation to bedroom and bathroom facilities, access to a desk and study area, internet access, provision of appropriate food and access to transport to and from the University.
  2. All adults involved in the provision of accommodation and accommodation services must hold current working with children clearances, copies of which will be provided to the University on request.
  3. Approved Accommodation Providers will confirm placements no later than two weeks before commencement of study, unless exceptional circumstances apply such as a delay in a visa grant, in which case less notice may be permissible.
  4. The Approved Accommodation Provider must give each Under 18 Student and the University an up to date contact list including a single point of contact for Under 18 students who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. The Approved Accommodation Provider must give the student age and culturally appropriate information on seeking assistance and/or reporting any incident or allegation involving actual or alleged abuse, sexual or otherwise.
  6. The Approved Accommodation Provider must include on their website the following information in plain English and in an accessible format:
  • information explaining all fees and charges for which the Under 18 Student will be liable;
  • fee payment, refund and cancellation policies and procedures;
  • a sample of their standard accommodation agreement which includes the provisions outlined in clause 13 of this Procedure;
  • a full staff directory including contact details for residential manager and/or emergency contacts;
  • information in relation to living in Australia including setting out their expectations of students’ behaviour and any rules or room standards which may apply;
  • processes for managing critical incidents which may affect the Under 18 student; and
  • complaint handling processes including provision to arrange for alternative accommodation where the Under 18 Student’s accommodation is unsuitable due to a dispute or otherwise, and avenues for complaint escalation.
  1. Approved Accommodation Providers must maintain appropriate insurance cover for the provider and Under 18 Students in line with industry expectations.
  2. Where the Approved Accommodation Provider is a homestay provider, they must also:

(a) ensure that all host families undertake appropriate training before placing an Under 18 Student with that family and must provide evidence of such training, including copies of training materials and a register of training dates and attendees, to the University upon request; and

(b) maintain regular contact with the student including speaking with the student in person or by telephone at least once every month.